Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beyond the Blue Danube

Little darlings, spread all over the world, I hope you are all well. I've been silent haven't I?

I've been enjoying wandering the winding little alleyways of quaint medieval little towns, I've woken at dawn and felt my fingers stinging from the cold as I gathered food for animals on a farm, I've met some wild people, I'm learning to crack a "circle-whip", I've danced till the wee hours in new shoes to a folk band in the basement of a decrepit old building, and I've knocked on the door of the house that my mum grew up in....

My internet access is sporadic, and I usually just write ballads of love to my friends back home, all full of wistful longing and stories of wacky adventures taking place.

Here and there I have managed to sketch and paint, less so now that I am distracted by all that a foreign city has to offer, but I definitely drew quite frequently on the farm I was on for a month, working in exchange for a warm place to sleep and delicious organic meals.

Enjoy these little glimpses....