Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Young Regent

The Young Regent,Watercolour on Paper / 75 x 52 cm

The second illustration out of four intended to be displayed at the Poznan Children’s Book Illustration Salon in Poland. 
I write a bit about the story and illustration salon here.

Melodies and Desires

Monday, January 30, 2012

Trysting Fields

A simpler piece from me, more of a sketch. Yet the ostentatious, elaborate frame does wonders for this little pen and watercolour portrait. I just ordered "Dangerous Liasons" by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos in Hungarian. I can't wait to start reading it - it'll arrive the day after my birthday. 

Quiet Corners

"Still life scenes". My paintings and etchings framed, photographed before they all went off to their new homes.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Orphan King

The first illustration out of four intended to be displayed at the Poznan Children’s Book Illustration Salon in Poland. I write a bit about the story and illustration salon here

In this picture I depicted the moment described in the book when the old King dies, and young Matykó (Matty) sits despondently in his room – because whilst he has just become King, he has also lost his father and become an orphan, completely alone in the world.

I wanted him to look tiny, garbed in the oversized mourning robes of an adult, a news-paper crown on his head, the same a child would fold out of paper when playing dress-ups.

75 x 52 cm, Watercolour on Paper.

II. Winter Exhibition

The night after my small group show, three of my illustrations were selected to be exhibited in the second “Winter Exhibition” (II. Téli Tárlat) here in Győr, which showcased the work of artists connected to Győr. 38 artists were represented in the halls and rooms of the “Napoleon House” (so named because Napoleon himself spent a night resting here.)
Fellow children’s book illustrator Zsuzsi Farkas was distinguished with a prize - she received a Solo Show in Sopron this year. I modestly accepted a highly recommended award - a beautiful book filled with the work of US-based Hungarian artist Joseph Domjan, who created intricate and detailed woodblock prints.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wounded Rhymes

Perhaps the gentleman she wanted to dance with is dancing with another lady? I'm not sure, but this damsel is quite dissatisfied with the situation she finds herself in.

Another piece, framed and ready for the upcoming Baroque Ball I will be painting at. I wonder if a handsome gentleman will ask ME to dance? At any rate, I will not pout like this powdered and rouged coquette, I will be busy painting ephemeral little Baroque-style portraits to entertain the guests at the Zichy Palace.

Baroque Palaces

I’ve mentioned before how charming I find the inner town of Győr, with its pastel coloured Baroque houses and Palaces. Due to its rich history, the Baroque theme is heavily pushed by the town with special occasions and street festivals during the year. To my immense joy I was invited to an exclusive Baroque themed costume ball, held in the incredibly beautiful Zichy palace here in Győr.

I have already been for my costume fitting – a honey-pink gown, with layers of organza and silk, and a matching ostentatious costume hat decked in delicate roses and vines. I begged for the largest, most extravagant crinoline they had. And I got it. If you’re going to go to a Baroque Ball you might as well go all out, no?

During the night I will be one of the “entertainment”; with a little easel set up in one of the palace rooms to paint delicate portraits in my ephemeral style. A formal dinner is followed by a night of dancing, to which I am most looking forward to!

As I will be exhibiting some of my work during the Ball, I decided to raid the frame store again for some decadent, ornate gold frames. How gorgeous are they? I cannot wait to fill them with dames and coquettes.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Exhibition Photographs

I’m trying to get both my flickr account and my Facebook Fan page into shape, and have been attempting to catalogue and file the photographs taken at various exhibitions and opening gala’s. I’m either completely scattered, or meticulously OCD when it comes to organizing things into categories and folders, and this was a good project for the latter part of my nature.

So if you’re a fan on facebook (LIKE me, LOVE me!) I’ll be adding more folders soon. And if facebook ain’t your thing, here is the Flickr set dedicated to the wonderful exhibition openings I have taken part in over the years.

The Three Faces to FairyTales

 "A Mese Három Arca" (The three faces to fairytales)
january 20 - february 26
Richter Terem, Győr, Hungary

With fellow exhibited artists Zsuzsa Farkas and Hajnal Aurora Németh

Friday, January 20, 2012

Exhibition Press

Some press in the local paper, The Kisalföld, regarding tomorrows exhibition in Győr, Hungary.
To my delight, my painting was chosen for the feature.

We began to hang the show today. I'll let you all know how it went tomorrow! Thanks for all the support!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Customer Appreciation

I just love getting little snapshots of my work in their new locations!

Late last year when my blog finally reached 100 followers I gave away a small little watercolour. Astera was sweet enough to take these beautiful photographs when the parcel reached her. Her camera captures a beautiful little romantic world, and I'm delighted my art is a part of it!

Seeing this little snapshot makes me realize just how important a nice clear photograph is to present your work as an  artist. Until I return to Australia I am dependent on a really battered little point and shoot, with my nice DSLR waiting back home. One of my little postcards here.

Astera Torralba writes a touching and genuinely kind post here on her blog: the mermaid in the living room. I'd recommend popping over promptly, not to further ogle my work, but to have a peek at her own incredibly beautiful artworks.

Pastel Glimpses

More little "mist spirits" - doodled in the early hours, late evenings, or to overcome moments of artist block.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


9 little sketches, a triptych, and 7 A2 watercolour paintings have been selected to feature in my upcoming group show “A Mese Három Arca”, opening in one week’s time in Győr. I will be exhibiting along two other very talented young women, similarly working with themes from Hungarian stories and fairytales. I have exhibited with Farkas Zsuzsi twice now, and I’m delighted to be showing with her again!
Here are my lovelies, awaiting matt-board cutting and frames. I won’t see them again till the 20th!

In other news relating to exhibitions: the very next day one of my works will feature in the "Téli Tárlat" Exhibition, on show at the Napoleon House in Győr. I will get to personally accompany the illustrations I create for the Children's Book Illustration Salon held in Poznan, Poland during the 3-5th of February. And finally, the date for my Solo Exhibition at the Eszterházi Palace (the main building of the Museum of Fine Art in Győr) has been penciled in for the 4th of May – a most auspicious day for me, as that is my name day! Which also means my return date to Australia will be postponed till after that. Until then, I continue to live the life of a full-time bludger, I mean…. Artist!