Monday, May 24, 2010

Ladies First - Group Show at BSG

The exhibition at BSG was such a delightful event... the highlight truly was getting to meet the beautiful and talented girls I was exhibiting alongside.... Getting to the gallery bright and early to hang the show, I made instant friends with the other early bird, Jo Dyer. We turned out to be "wall buddies" too, as out works were exhibited next to each other.

Mine were fairly easy to hang thank goodness (sticky-backed velcro, hurray!) so I spent the next few hours getting to know some of the other girls as we helped each other hang everyone's work.

It was a treat seeing so many talented young women's work, and having a chat about their creative processes. Friendships were formed and etsy shop addresses were swapped!

The opening was fantastic, the space looked great with all the works up on the wall, please enjoy this quick tour before the people start arriving:

I really enjoyed being a part of this gorgeous show, the girls I met were incredible young ladies, and I think we'll be seeing a lot more of each other soon....

Jo Dyer, Helani Laisk, Myself & Caitlin Shearer

ps. girls, I'm sorry for my terrible photographs... if you post better ones I'll replace these :-D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Profile on Indie Art & Design

With the show on in two days (hurray!) the other artists and I taking part in "Ladies First" were each interviewed by "Indie Art & Design", a website dedicated to showcasing and featuring independant Australian artsy types. My little rambling is at the top of the page with one of the artworks I'll be showing, please pop over and take a look!!

Written by Carol Price, I thought the introductory paragraph was very cute and appropriate:

"Ladies First" opens at 6pm this Friday night, 21st May 2010! The girls will come out to play, and show off an amazing collection of original artworks.
Curated by Melbourne's Tessa Yee, the show will be a unique and light-hearted exploration of the ways in which female artists represent their ideas of femininity - both the dark and the light, the naughty as well as the nice.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Ticket to melbourne is booked!

Outfit is sorted!

However.... the artworks themselves are not yet framed, Ah!!

Besides the framing situation, things are getting exciting :-) I wanted to share the delightful exhibition invites the gallery sent up to me... I think they're so ingenious, printed like playing cards! The front features Brisbane artist Courtney Brims graphite drawing, and a list of the exhibiting artists names. So special to be on there

Sydney based jewellery designer (and a very dear friend) Alison Wheeldon created this exquisitely beautiful Silver lace necklace for me, set with Green Sapphires and Tourmaline, so that I may embody my "of lace and moss" persona on the night of the exhibition.... It is such a breathtaking piece, I love it.....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Butterfly Bones

The Butterfly Bones is a very talented, incredible friend of mine, and I wanted to feature her beautiful artworks today....

I have posed for her fairy tale, ephemeral photographs with much joy... to be a part of such a unique and haunting vision is really special, and the artworks she then creates from these photographs are breathtaking. Glimpses of fragile beauty, macabre fairy tale twists, misty pastel dreams, fading memories and aching longings.... Her work sends shivers up my spine and makes me yearn to fall into the world she creates and lose myself for hundreds of years....

The Butterfly Bones

"A Thousand years is a beautiful, macabre "Brothers Grim" homage to lost love and failed fairy tale endings. A decaying bride waits for a thousand years whilst her dress grows like wild moss and ivy around her forever waiting frame."

Friday, May 7, 2010

Interview and feature on "Something we Like"

"Something we Like" - a very cool online site that features artists, designers and creative types has just published a fantastic interview with me, talking about my art, processes and my inspirations... please do go take a look, leave a cute comment, then come back here to shower me with adoration! ...just joking ;-)

Also, one of Victoria Buckley's poesy rings was featured in "Trend Hunter" this last week, featuring my creepy illustration of everlasting commitment ..even beyond the grave ;-)

Described as a ring definitely not for those afraid of commitment... take a look at the feature:  Trend Hunter - 'Til Death Ring

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fine Art Giclee Prints - Limited and Beautiful!

I have been searching for months for the best way to transform my original watercolours into beautiful, professional quality Fine Art Prints.

This might sound surprising to some who know my own personal preference for Originals over prints, and wherever I can I would rather save up and buy one original, rather than ten digital prints.
This was untill I discovered Lisa Falzon's work who, as a digital artist, doesn't have originals for sale. I waved the white flag of surrender and took back my promise to never buy a digital print.
The quality was gorgeous... I've sinced invested in several of her prints, and knew I would like to be able to offer something similar. I wouldn't settle for less, I didn't want cheap photo paper, I wanted luxurious heavy cotton paper, and lustrous archival inks.

I am delighted to announce my search has come to an end!!!

I am announcing the first four artworks to be released in a highly limited edition of 20 prints each.

Professionally printed on luxurious 310 g/m2 ARCHES cotton rag paper: 100% cotton, completely natural with no chemical additives. Printed with Archival Giclee, acid free Inks.

I was most delighted when the few friends whom I have shown the prints responded with amazed exclamations of "Wow!" :-) The quality really is fantastic, they work really well on a slightly bigger scale.... it has inspired me to work a little bigger too from now on, the drawings look nice as A4's...

Please visit my Etsy Boutique to see them!