Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fine Art Giclee Prints - Limited and Beautiful!

I have been searching for months for the best way to transform my original watercolours into beautiful, professional quality Fine Art Prints.

This might sound surprising to some who know my own personal preference for Originals over prints, and wherever I can I would rather save up and buy one original, rather than ten digital prints.
This was untill I discovered Lisa Falzon's work who, as a digital artist, doesn't have originals for sale. I waved the white flag of surrender and took back my promise to never buy a digital print.
The quality was gorgeous... I've sinced invested in several of her prints, and knew I would like to be able to offer something similar. I wouldn't settle for less, I didn't want cheap photo paper, I wanted luxurious heavy cotton paper, and lustrous archival inks.

I am delighted to announce my search has come to an end!!!

I am announcing the first four artworks to be released in a highly limited edition of 20 prints each.

Professionally printed on luxurious 310 g/m2 ARCHES cotton rag paper: 100% cotton, completely natural with no chemical additives. Printed with Archival Giclee, acid free Inks.

I was most delighted when the few friends whom I have shown the prints responded with amazed exclamations of "Wow!" :-) The quality really is fantastic, they work really well on a slightly bigger scale.... it has inspired me to work a little bigger too from now on, the drawings look nice as A4's...

Please visit my Etsy Boutique to see them!


  1. Monika, I *must* visit your store soon, these are incredible... love them!!! come see me at patitadolls.....grin, Pat

  2. Hi, Monika I met you last party in the art gallery:)
    I expected that your pic would be cute and more like deformation as friend said.. but this is absolutely beautiful and more fancy and little of realistic... sooo beautiful!
    I like your way to paint the colors its very fancy^^*

    I like the picture which is the girl lay on a sofa;)


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