Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And the winners are....

Thank you to everyone who participated by leaving me some feedback about my new website!

Especial thanks to those who took the time to write down their emotional responses, and highlight the particular features that either delighted them, or that were not working - this will help Amal and I find those glitches and fix them! :-)

So far we have heard that the pictures are slow to load, and on certain Mac's using Windows explorer some or all of the thumbnails won't work. Please please let me know if you notice anything else!

Can Kaili, Kimmi, and Noxy please send me their postal addresses to my e-mail: monimano@hotmail.com
I would love to send you something as a show of appreciation!

With the end of 2010 drawing near, I have many great hopes for the new year. I hope to push my art further, and may this year be a lot more productive than the last. I plan to work on completing all illustrations I have started so far (something I promised for 2010, but it didn't happen). I also plan on starting upon a series of works to compile a Children's Book Portfolio to submit to publishers. This will be my big goal for 2011....

My big goal for 2010 was to have an official website up.... it is so unbelievably fantastic to know it happened!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Official Website Launch

Party Streamers fly through the air, fireworks crack in the sky in a blazing bravado of colour and light, and children run through the streets decked in flowers and screaming for joy.

Well, if this was in the real world, and not purely digital, the festivites woud be wild and raucus. As it is, things go on as usual, but inside me is a great and bursting joy.

It was pointed out to me that today, the day of my website launch, is also the Winter/Summer Solstice (and a full Lunar eclipse) - a time of rebirth and renewal. This feels incredibly perfect - I'm in need of a bit of a renewal. I'm happy that having this site will mean a beautiful online portfolio for people to see my artwork in a creative and unified way. After all, my art is who I am and why I am, it is everything about me, it is what I treasure most.

I invite you, dear readers and friends, to visit the site, take a meandering stroll through the woods, and let me know what you think! Both my website designer and I are positively jumping around, eager to know everyone's response.

Comments left before December 27th will all be considered in the running for presents!! I will be giving out some Giclee Prints and little arty goodies in return for your valued and much appreciated feedback (Bribery? perhaps.... :-)

So, without further ado, may I present....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Website Announcement!!

 I have been wanting a beautiful, girly website for so long now… for so long. I spent years (no joke) trying to find the perfect designer to bring my extravagant dreams to life (well, to digital life anyway) and pretty much thought I was on a hopeless mission…

Until now! It’s all about to happen, I am besides myself with anticipation and excitement!

To celebrate the official launch I will be hosting some festivities and give-aways here, to share my joy.
Participants need to visit the website, have a little wander through the woods, then return here and let us know what you think!! I would love to hear everyone’s responses (good or bad, seriously! This isn’t a cry for pure adoration and praise….. well, maybe a little, heehee)

Prizes will be handed out, including Giclee Prints and other fantastical goodies!

Curious? You can get a preview here: www.monikaviktoria.com

A HUGE thank-you to the absolute angel who finally brought this dream of mine to a reality, and has worked tirelessly for the past year to bring this to fruition. Thanks Amal, I am indebted and forever grateful xx

The launch will take place NEXT WEEK on Tuesday the 21st of December!

If you follow me on facebook, I’ll be sure to scream about it when it’s officially launched!!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Salon de Petits Tableaux

I have six of my watercolour artworks featured in this exhibition!
All the artworks had to be under a certain size (luckily, as someone who paints tiny, I definitely qualified!)

I sadly was not able to make the opening as it is far away from me, but if anyone is in Bowral NSW, and feels like taking a photograph for me, I would be so so so grateful!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The White Russian Collection

At the glamarous boutique I work for, we recently launched Victoria Buckley's latest collection, "the White Russians"

Does our muse look familiar? :-) For anyone who is not yet aware of my doll-insanity, the latest leading lady for Victoria Buckley Jewellery is a porcelain doll I commissioned from Enchanted Doll.

Inspired by the exquisite lost world of the Russian Aristocracy, the White Russian collection brings to life the mythical dreams of Tatiana,
a fleeing sylph entrusted with the treasures of the white Russians.
The beautiful porcelain doll Tatiana, created by world-renowned master crafters Enchanted Doll, lives surrounded... by the elegance and refinement of the immortal era.

This fairyland collection is crafted from 18ct white and rose gold,
diamonds and richly coloured gems.
Rare high-grade white Russian diamonds from the Siberian Tundra crystallise the refinement and elegance of the epoch. The perfection of these icy white gems is brought out by the inspired Master Russian diamond cutters who obsess over unlocking the fire within.

The Strand Arcade certainly tizzies itself up for the night, I love it.

Dressed up for the night....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New T-Shirt - Dia de las Muertos - Marie Antoinette

Inspired by the celebration Dia de las Muertos (Day of the Dead) and her coquettish highness Marie Antoinette! The moment I finished this watercolour i knew it would look great as a t-shirt design...

I love this design most of the ones I have so far made available, full of frivolity and fun, yum!! I can't wait to get it as a hoody and sew pink ribbons all over it!

Buy my t-shirts

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dia de las Muertos - Antoinette

Inspired by and anticipating the arrival of a new little porcelain friend I found myself greatly attracted to the Day of the Dead celebrations, aesthetics, and face painting styles.I found myself googling and flickr searching extensively, loving what I saw. We do not celebrate anything like this in Australia, and whilst other traditions (such as Christmas) have migrated over here, holidays such as this and All Hallows Eve (Halloween) have not. One day I would love to be able to visit South America at this time of the year.... wow! To be immersed in such a vibrant cultural tradition would be an incredible experience.

I've been quietly working on ideas and themes for my next "series" of artworks, and this piece is an example of the analogous and minimal colour scheme that will be dominant throughout the works.

Next blog post..... introducing this as a T-Shirt and Hoody design, hurray!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

And the winners are....

First of all, a very grateful thank you to every one who responded to my Print GiveAway, and took the time to write down their feelings and responses. I have learnt so much, and it was touching to read each individual response.
And surprising too! It is indescribably special to hear why one of your artworks has moved someone else to a certain emotion, or awakened particular thoughts in them.
The feedback I received was truly special, and they urge me forward in moments of doubt. 

In particular, congratulations (and thank you) to Shenais and to Astera!!

Please contact me with your postal address, so I can send out your prints!
(email: monimano @ hotmail . com )

~ thank you ~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grey Skies, Stormy Days

On a rainy day, procrastinating pressing things, I turned instead to the comforts and delights of art....

 I was very happy to complete this piece. With all my art materials packed up in boxes, I completed this with borrowed materials in a friends studio. Similarly deprived of my usual reference material (composed from sketches and photographs from sessions with my models) I used an image from a magazine for the pose and background.

Yes, that blurry mess of a "landscape" took me the longest and most painstaking time to complete. Layer upon layer of carefully mixed colours built up... well... a blurry mess!!
I need a lot more practice :-/

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My First Print Give Away !!

That's right all you lovelies, to celebrate finally preparing a beautiful silky set of Giclee Prints of my paintings, I have decided to host a little give-away!!

But first... a disclaimer!

One of the benefits of dealing personally with your printer, rather than doing business with some big company  (not only are you helping another individual out, which is nice!) was that I was allowed to keep any of the "mistakes". Rather than getting torn up and trashed, these little mishaps can find happy new homes as give-aways, prizes, presents, and bonus inclusions.
I hate seeing things get wasted, and the "mistake" editions have a beauty of their own, a freshness and alternative charm. They're actually less intense, and appear "fresh" because of the brighter colours.

(top print = "mistake")

so this calls for.....

a little give away!!!

from now until next Saturday (November 13th)  leave a comment here about which of the ten prints is your favourite (you can see them in my etsy gallery) and why.

I will pick two winners! Winners will be announced in a new blog post.... entries open... now!!

Let me know which one of these artworks you like the best and why, and in return for your valued feedback and thoughts, I will give out two prints as a thank you!

The first ten Giclee prints that sell in my shop will also get one of these bonus prints included as a thank you!

----------------     -----note-----     ---------------
I want to stress that these "mistake" prints are not the same quality as the prints for sale in my Etsy Shop.

The printer had a malfunction and printed out two entire editions without blue ink.
   (( I actually quite liked the result: vibrant, fluorescent, sun-saturated. ))

There is nothing wrong with their physical quality or archival properties, they are just visibly differently coloured from my originals. (see additional photographs)
---------------     ---------------     ---------------

Left - Give Away Print
Right - Editioned Print

Left - Editioned Print
Right - Give Away Print

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Plate Auction 2010 - Live Event

As usual, the event was thrilling, exciting, and a lot of fun! I enjoy seeing the way artists I know have translated their usual style and medium onto a small round plate.

It was great to see my plate all finished, in person. I always quickly scan the room, searching for a glimpse of my piece... ahh, there it is... through the crowd!

It re-inforced my desire to get into ceramics as a medium to create artworks. I loved seeing up close the way the glazes turned out after firing in the kiln. I was worried colours would fade, or my subtle shading would come out blothcy... but thankfully it came out vibrant and perfect... love!

The Live auction is always fun, I look forward to this event every year. Some of the plates go for incredible amounts.. yet in hindsight, compared to the price of their usual work, the plates are still an incredible bargain, a fantastic way of investing in Australian Art (and supporting FONAS).
I've purchased two plates in the past, and am very glad I did. Both artists are incredible (Simon Cooper and Lauren Murphy)

I shyly thanked my Mythology &  Art History Lecturer, for his inspiration. During his course on Greek Mythology, I fell deeply in love with the tale of Persephone and Hades.

I liked his comment, "Ah! Cute..... and sexy!"
Made me smile.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Etsy Update - New Items!!

I've been busily updating my Etsy Shop these past weeks, filling it with all the new exciting things I've been working on, and older pieces I hadn't got round to taking yummy photographs of.

Here's the new banner,,,, do you like?

Allow me to introduce everything!!

Sterling Silver and Glass Pendants

1 inch Pin-back buttons (badges)

Pocket Mirrors!


Limited Edition Giclee Prints!



Also... I have listed all my "enchanted doll" inspired work on sale, along with a few originals, take a look!

originals + prints

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meeting Audrey Kawasaki

Following on from this blogpost where I mused about meeting artistic legend Audrey Kawasaki, I had the intense pleasure of getting to personally chat with her on the night of her solo Exhibition Opening hosted at Outre Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

Within minutes the gallery was packed, I am so grateful I got their early enough to get the chance of chatting with this lovely young woman. Friendly, down to earth, and incredibly sweet, I think I admire her all the more now :-)

Whilst I won't write a word for word transcript (you know I could ^_^) I was thrilled when she noticed my art-pendant and commented on how much she liked it.

What a precious piece of feedback to receive, I was honoured and delighted.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sterling Silver and Glass Pendants

Darlings! I have been introducing a few different 'products' recently, and whilst all are beautiful and equally exciting to me... perhaps I harbor a little bias in favour of what I am unveiling today....

Made from precious Sterling Silver and Glass, I have a very small range of Illustration Pendants available!

Like a boastful, proud, vain mother I feel that they are breathtaking! Perhaps because I have been anticipating them for a long time, and now that they are complete... I am delighted they look so nice :-)

They make me think of so many things at once.... Victorian - Steampunk discovery, antique curiosity cabinets, looking glasses, whimsical feminism, tiny captured worlds, magic, caught spirits....

Tell me, what do they make you think of?

Available (but highly limited) in my bountiful Etsy Store!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Officially: Giclee Print Edition!!

I am most pleased, most excited, most thrilled to finally be able to announce: they are for sale!

I contacted the lovely gentleman who printed my first proof prints; picked out my ten most favourite, most beautiful artworks; and put in my order for one thousand prints!

So I can now officially announce: I have ten of my watercolour arworks available in a strictly limited edition of 10 copies each, up for purchase in my Etsy Shop!

Printing out such a vast number at one time meant two things.
First... it has sent me completely broke! I saved for a long time to be able to make such an investment!
Secondly.... this is where you little lovelies benefit - it allows me to offer them at a much lower price than I had originally calculated! (Cheer, hurray, yay!)

Also.... The first ten people to purchase a Giclee print from me will each recieve a bonus print!

A little incentive to try and get the ball rolling :-) All ten prints can be viewed in my etsy shop filed under Prints.

The information is the same, purchasing a Giclee Print VS a normal digital photo print assures archival professional quality, a beautiful lustre and immaculate mimicry of the original texture and watercolour subtleties.

Professionally printed on luxurious 310 g/m2 ARCHES cotton rag paper: 100% cotton, completely natural with no chemical additives. Printed with Archival Giclee, acid free Inks.

How many kinds of beautiful?

I ask you... how many kinds of beautiful is this?

An artist whom I greatly admire (and whose work I have the pleasure of feverishly collecting) has just opened up a line of enchanting fascinators and wearable pieces.

Lisa Falzon is all kinds of amazing. Her new adventure "Moth and Bay Leaf" has set my imagination frolicking in the woods. I want to embody everything these haunting pictures capture....

I urge you.... go take a look! Moth and BayLeaf Shop

Monday, October 25, 2010

PYD Design Markets

I will be here! At a lovely little table alongside some incredibly talented jewellers and object designers.

For this Design Market I will be focusing on my brooches and pendants, pocket mirrors and a range of snow domes!! All products will feature my illustrations....

I can't wait to show you the new pendants... proper glass and sterling silver pendants!! :-)

Cameo Brooches - Now Available!

I'm delighted to finally be able to show these off!!

I have made a small selection of unique wearable brooches, feauturing my illustrations, and am so pleased with how they turned out. I wear my one all the time, and have been floored and delighted by all the compliments I get... it's nice to hear such feedback!

I adore the vintage Victorian feel to them.... I like to pin my one through a lace scarf of velvet wrap around my neck... it makes me feel very elegant, haha! ^_^

They're available in my etsy shop, but I'll also be taking them with me to the Art & Design Markets I have lined up this summer. If they sell, well I might make more, otherwise these are the only ones that will be made
(ie: guarantee of a unique, individual one-off piece!)

I think they're utterly delightful... I hope you do too!!!

Available NOW in my Etsy Shop!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Persephone - 2010 Plate

FONAS contacted me with a preview shot of my plate after being fired and clear glazed... and I am delighted with the result!!

I haven't seen it in person, and won't for another couple of weeks, but I can't wait!
For anyone in Sydney, if you are free on Thursday, November the 4th, make your way to the FONAS/ National Art School annual Artist-Plate auction 6-9pm!