Saturday, November 6, 2010

Plate Auction 2010 - Live Event

As usual, the event was thrilling, exciting, and a lot of fun! I enjoy seeing the way artists I know have translated their usual style and medium onto a small round plate.

It was great to see my plate all finished, in person. I always quickly scan the room, searching for a glimpse of my piece... ahh, there it is... through the crowd!

It re-inforced my desire to get into ceramics as a medium to create artworks. I loved seeing up close the way the glazes turned out after firing in the kiln. I was worried colours would fade, or my subtle shading would come out blothcy... but thankfully it came out vibrant and perfect... love!

The Live auction is always fun, I look forward to this event every year. Some of the plates go for incredible amounts.. yet in hindsight, compared to the price of their usual work, the plates are still an incredible bargain, a fantastic way of investing in Australian Art (and supporting FONAS).
I've purchased two plates in the past, and am very glad I did. Both artists are incredible (Simon Cooper and Lauren Murphy)

I shyly thanked my Mythology &  Art History Lecturer, for his inspiration. During his course on Greek Mythology, I fell deeply in love with the tale of Persephone and Hades.

I liked his comment, "Ah! Cute..... and sexy!"
Made me smile.

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  1. Hehe! I love the comment, , "Ah! Cute..... and sexy!" The plate is wonderful! I can't wait to see next years!


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