Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The White Russian Collection

At the glamarous boutique I work for, we recently launched Victoria Buckley's latest collection, "the White Russians"

Does our muse look familiar? :-) For anyone who is not yet aware of my doll-insanity, the latest leading lady for Victoria Buckley Jewellery is a porcelain doll I commissioned from Enchanted Doll.

Inspired by the exquisite lost world of the Russian Aristocracy, the White Russian collection brings to life the mythical dreams of Tatiana,
a fleeing sylph entrusted with the treasures of the white Russians.
The beautiful porcelain doll Tatiana, created by world-renowned master crafters Enchanted Doll, lives surrounded... by the elegance and refinement of the immortal era.

This fairyland collection is crafted from 18ct white and rose gold,
diamonds and richly coloured gems.
Rare high-grade white Russian diamonds from the Siberian Tundra crystallise the refinement and elegance of the epoch. The perfection of these icy white gems is brought out by the inspired Master Russian diamond cutters who obsess over unlocking the fire within.

The Strand Arcade certainly tizzies itself up for the night, I love it.

Dressed up for the night....


  1. Oh wow that first photo is stunning. The pose is so realistic and the way her hair flows as if in movement and she's been caught unawares. Fern is just so uniquely pretty. There's no other ED like her <3

  2. stunning photo's! ...you look absolutely beautiful :)

  3. I'm loving these pictures!! Are there any more? They're beautiful! Oh and a quick note: the link for Victoria's name leads to Enchanted Doll. :)

  4. yes the first one of Fern is my favourite, she she looks like she is ina windy winter landscape and the ring she is holding looks like a delicacy!

    oh how lovely you look in that last photo, like a beautiful fairy!

  5. Fern (Tatiana) looking beautiful as always, but I just adore that photo of you. You look like one of your paintings :0)

  6. Fern is perfect as always and you look so romantic and beautiful!

  7. Thank you for everyone who liked the photo's of fern (and of me, heehee)

    thanks noxy for the link tip, must fix!

  8. My favorite of Fern is the second (for a change :D). The blue reflections of the sapphire are matched by those in her eyes...what a treasure!

    Jayne is so right! You look like one of your forest nimphs! Lace and silk flowers...so Mayple! Really beautiful. :)

    PS: As you probably know, I received your print! It looks splendid! I will take a few more pictures of Sophie with it and then frame it...Thank you so much! :)

  9. You look like sooo lovely in the last picture! : ) I love your look, very romantic! Remind me of Jane Austen`s books (and the films about them), my bets friend would love that look too I think. ; >


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