Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stickers now for sale - yay!

With my website down whilst it's receiving plastic surgery and a make-over, you can still see my paintings on my flickr account, grouped neatly into little folders based on series. Then there's also my old DA account too.

With Christmas fast approaching (It's a month away, panic!!) I'm stocking up my shop with smaller, affordable prints and stickers. I've got girly sticker sets printed with my illustrations, and the prototypes on sale for a new set of prints on canvas instead of paper (oooh, aaah!!)

So head on over to grab a flirty little bargain now - monika viktoria on etsy

Monday, November 19, 2012

PVC Business Cards

My beautiful new business cards are not your ordinary throw-away, ragged cornered & easily torn paper cards... these are practically Armageddon proof!  Printed on laminated PVC like a professional bank-card, with neat little rounded corners. This makes them more like collectible artist trading cards, than just your ordinary cheap paper name cards.

They'll be included in etsy orders being shipped directly from me, and handed to lovely customers visiting me at the Seasonal markets I'll be at this Christmas in London.

Coming soon will be delightful sticker-sets, collectable card sets, and canvas prints.

Also, you may have noticed - my website is currently down whilst secret and amazing updates are under way! A completely new, fresh is coming soon!


For fellow artists, because I know how hard it can be to find good, reliable printing companies, I had my lovely cards printed here

Friday, November 16, 2012

Quivering Secrets

Doll sketches completed during my travels in Africa. Often completed whilst detained at army camps, police offices, soldier stations, or waiting for our visa's to be approved to leave one country and be granted access to the next.

Before we left a month ago, I took this snapshot of my "Messengers" series. One of my favourite shots of my work so far: all kisses and plush pouts, quivering on the edge of telling a secret....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Away In Africa

Just a quick note to say I am alive - and have not given up drawing and painting for good :-)

My adventurer and I set out early October, and drove from Budapest to Africa, ending our trip is Bissau. I've mainly just been scribbling in raggy sketchpads, covered in coffee spills with the corners curled and torn, stained by dust and dirt and sand.

We got into some wild and weird situations, but all inspirational and amazing to experience (and live through!) I thought i would be back in Summery Sydney for Christmas, but it looks like we'll be shivering in either Budapest or London, depending on what the future brings. On the bright side - it means I won't be tempted by the beach and tropical ocean fish, but will prefer to stay indoors and paint away, hidden safely from the freezing temperatures of Europe that I disliked so much last year!

amazing photographs courtesy of my adventurer - four finger foto

Until I can upload my sketches, and get back into my refined watercolours, stay safe and well little ones, and be grateful for everything you have!
love from Africa!