Friday, June 22, 2012

A walk in the woods

Every morning I venture into the woods nearby. 

On less asthmatic days I run to stay fit and keep my lungs trained, on more asthmatic days (most days) I go for a long walk. On days when my mind is turbulent, the woods infuse me with calm and tranquility, and always fill me with wonder and inspiration.Sometimes I spot shy deer, sometimes a sly fox with his typical loping gait. Today I was surrounded by tiny brilliant blue butterflies that seemed to hover around me as I ran.

The woods have always been a great source of wonder for me - it isn't a mistake this blog is titled what it is!

The photograph of the full work is not the best. I can't wait to get nice scans / photographs of ALL my work once I return to Australia. I hate looking sloppy and un-professional!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pastel Sugarskulls

Following on from my recent post, where I introduced some small illustrations I've been working on in a more charming, lowbrow style - here is the next installment of sugarskull girls in this style.

The Original watercolours are available to purchase in my Shop

You can view them all together under their own sub-category on my flickr account: petit designées

Pastel Sugarskulls

A couple more little pastel-coloured sugar skulls. 

And below is Ambrosia, inspired by the dolls of Hemlig

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hemlig - a secret

After my Solo Show I felt I needed to take a break from my serious, time consuming and detail heavy watercolours. I found myself entranced (yet again) with the porcelain dolls of fellow artist Hemlig (a word which means "secret")

Back in Australia I have a small collection of her Myling dolls, and am particularly drawn to her sugar skulls and ghosts. Working with many similar themes (ghosts, conjoined twins and anatomical references) right now myself, I found the intriguing little characters she creates the perfect muses for some quick illustrations whilst I've been abroad.

This is the same style I use when sketching out costume ideas (my side "business" is sewing petit couture for dolls) and I find it refreshing to work in a simpler, more charming style for a change.

Here is the little "portrait" I painted of her doll Breathmint, and the thank-you that brought a smile to my face in return...

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Visiting the small town of Baden in Austria this week. A short walk leads me to the neat "Rosarium" gardens, where I walk for hours admiring the incredible array of colours. Such vibrant hues of apricot and tangerine, the most delicate and faint pinks, deep reds, faded violet - such a beautiful palette!

I found a tangerine species of rose named after me (teehee)

and finally, a photograph I took for my dear mum, who hasn't seen me in over a year...

In Situ

This week I am visiting Austria, and had the pleasure of seeing two of my paintings framed and hung in their new home.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sketchy Beginnings

Sketching the specimens displayed at the "Bodies 2" exhibition in Budapest. I'm enjoying incorporating more scientific and anatomical references in my new work, and I wish I knew of more museums with exhibitions like this - but it seems they are strangely few and far between.

Composition sketches for a new piece for the restaurant in Győr that has continued to support me here as a full-time artist.