Saturday, January 9, 2010

A doll-like countenance...

It's clear I've had little else besides dolls on my mind lately... all my latest coquettes have been looking positively dolly recently.

Remember that secret project I was meant to be working on, nothing else, everything put aside till it's done?
Well, I happen to be very well trained in the art of procrastination.
Allow me to introduce these two little time-wasters I completed when I should have been working on that afore mentioned project!!

I cannot even begin to deny (and won't try) that the latter of the two ended up looking very Black-Eyed Suzie-esque...

ps. They'll both be skipping off to etsy soon, too :-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Schism and a New Year

The schism, the rift, the renting apart... I finally did it, I tore my etsy account in two.

I'm now ever so thrilled to unveil my charming official etsy shop:

This will be the new home for my original artworks. All the little coquette's I've been introducing to you, and a few of the lovely ladies from my 'of lace and moss' series will reside there, awaiting adoption.

My other account is still up, but it's not nearly as gorgeous as the new one! I'll be prettying it up with flowery things, lacey things, and quirky things shortly though. I'll be sure to make an ostentatious announcement once it's shining and glittering

In other news I am working on a top secret project... so I might not be posting any new drawings for a little while. I won't be posting any preview shots, nor do I have any new original artworks that I've bought from others to introduce anymore.. so I apologise for a possibly very quiet upcomming two months.

My new years resolution basically hovers around "more art". Work on lots of new drawings, push myself further,  try to finish all barely begun and half finished projects, begin new projects (and finish them!) and maybe even purchase some new originals from other artists I admire too :-)

Here's to 2010, I have a very positive feeling about this year, I think it will be amazing!