Saturday, January 9, 2010

A doll-like countenance...

It's clear I've had little else besides dolls on my mind lately... all my latest coquettes have been looking positively dolly recently.

Remember that secret project I was meant to be working on, nothing else, everything put aside till it's done?
Well, I happen to be very well trained in the art of procrastination.
Allow me to introduce these two little time-wasters I completed when I should have been working on that afore mentioned project!!

I cannot even begin to deny (and won't try) that the latter of the two ended up looking very Black-Eyed Suzie-esque...

ps. They'll both be skipping off to etsy soon, too :-)


  1. Oh, well done, mayple! If you're going to procrastinate, it's worth it if this is the result! They are both so full of character and the colours are lovely and fresh!

  2. These are just lovely and I'm tickled that you've made me into an adjective! Black-Eyed Suzie-esque... I love it. And thank you soooo much for the book - it arrived yesterday as I was on my way out, so I just skimmed through but it looks amazing. And thank you so much for the putting the pages in sleeves, which I absolutely wasn't expecting but was such a thoughtful detail. And the Ankie Daanen section, too - thank you thank you! And I do so regret that I'm dull in my jeans and sneakers - I spent many years getting all dolled up in vintage and silk and lace, but I spend so much time at home now, puttering about...but when I do go out, I still make a bit of an effort, I promise!

    xx. Sarah

  3. Kisses to you both, my lovely commenting fairies!

    Aneemal - I haven't done such a bluey/greeney piece in a while, she was going to start out being pinkish like the rest, but then I suddenly had a lot of green mixed up on my palette - so green it was to be!!

    darling sarah - I'll repy on your page :-X

  4. oooh I love the top dolly the best. Such beautiful colours.

  5. aww lovely dollies, aah i know who the first one is! :D

  6. Thankyou michelle and annina!

    They will definately be the last coquettes till after mid february!

    Full speed ahead on secret mission project!!


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