Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole....

Hello my darlings! I wanted to share a quick overview of my recent activity:

~ I went a little crazy when Meluseena announced her special print offer, and took full advantage of her generosity! *edit* I received them today, oh my... they are so beautiful!! Can't wait to share them here once I've framed them all - which will be a horrific experience!!!

~ I've purchased a new doll from a new artist, I'll introduce her when she arrives :-)

~ Secret project is going along well. I've almost become accustomed to the cramped feeling in my drawing hand! All will be unveiled mid-march...

I remembered something I made a while back, but had forgotten to share, and would love to do so now!
I opened up a "redbubble" account to sell my designs on T-Shirts, but haven't really done much with it. It's a great little site, the shirts are all printed on American Apparel, so I'm a big fan of knowing where the shirts are being made, and that they're excellent quality.
Once the project I'm working on is over, I'll be investing some more time into creating a range of lovely and quirky t-shirt designs.

Here's my "Falling Alice" shirt:

And after I received it (be forwarned, it's all wrinkly in the photo, my un-housewife-ishness shines through! I'll have to take a better photo soon!)


  1. Which new doll did you buyyyy?!?!?

    Love the t-shirts... makes me wish for warmer weather!

    My secret project has hit a bit of a wall :'( I hope I can finish on time. Before we saw Marina's announcement, I was thinking maybe the runner-up prize would be a resin doll... oh well!
    Did you get a Audrey Kawasaki print?

    Love your blog... want my own one day soon! ^-^

  2. Hello my love,

    No, I did not get an Audrey print (and now I'm thankful - every penny towards a resin ED!!!)
    I am not a fan of digital print copies of artists work. The only prints I have ever bought are the ones by Meluseena - simply because as her work is made digitally, they *are* the originals!

    My secret project is going along well, but the toll it is taking on my drawing hand is excruciating. The show must go on and I draw through those cramps!!

    My hints: I got the doll on etsy, and she's made of porcelain, and her name will be Leda....

  3. I wanna see the prints! I wanna see the doll and the secret project! Now would be good. How about now? No?

    PS. Falling Alice t-shirt is *very* cute! Reminds me that maybe I can have a resin Alice/Hathar ED, thanks to today's great news!

  4. Heehee, thanks Paiva, your comment made me smile :-)

    I want to frame the prints first before I show them, that has to wait till the secret project is done (with any luck within the next fortnight - otherwise it'll be late!!) and the doll hasn't arrived yet...

    I wish I could do all at once ^_^

    ps to your ps. I was delighted with the good news... one problem, now I have to *choose* - the hardest part!!!

  5. that t-shirt looks amazing! Can't wait to see this new doll ;)

  6. *kiss* thank you miss blue! I can't wait either, her artist is re-doing her costume for me (I wasn't expecting this, but won't complain!!


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