Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Doll Portrait: Esme

Something I wanted to share :-) As you all know, I am a huge fan of Sarah Faber's Dolls (aka: Black-Eyed Suzie)

When her last shop update happened I was beaten to the draw by a very nimble-fingered friend. There is a reason we call her a comment ninja... she has uncanny powers of posting comments on drawings and photographs before you've even clicked the submission button.. it's truly amazing.

Not realizing she'd adopted the doll I had my eyes on, I sent her a very childish message full of moaning and wailing. Oops. Wasn't I embarrassed?! To show her I harboured no hard feelings, and was infact, overjoyed for her, I drew this little portrait of the doll, Esme.

And Annina's photograph of her:


  1. aww dear Monika, you are just the sweetest thing, thanks for posting her picture and she sends her best regards, she loves the portrait you drew and painted of her so much! ♥

    i am the comment ninja, but even i was surprised of my own ninja clicking once i saw Esmé, my fingers were driven by magic. the pull of black-eyed suzie dolls is strong and Esmé's was magnetic! :)

  2. sweety the drawing is exquisite! The folds of her dress and the expression on her face is just beautiful, I love her!



  3. ta Eli! Sarah's dolls are a great inspiration.. I could draw each and every single one if I was naughty enough... but I should prrooobably focus on creating my own characters :-P

  4. Doll and portrait are both very beautiful!

  5. Mia you are always so sweet... it's lovely to hear from you again....

  6. One day I'd love you to make a portrait of one of my dolls! (if possible of course)


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