Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Beauty of an Original #13

I'm very happy to introduce the latest member to my art-doll collection!

She was the first art-doll I've purchased pretty much the same day that I discovered her existence. All the others have come with weeks to months of deliberating. But there was something about her that I knew was perfect, and I didn't want to um-and-ah and miss out on her, no no, I had to have her! She reminds me a little of the white haired girls of Mark Ryden...

The artist is a lovely South-Korean girl named Seo. Unfortunately, I cannot pass pass on too much information about her, as our language barriers collided. We communicated mainly via lots of smileys to punctuate expressions: ^_^

"Swan Girl" or Leda, as I have nicknamed her, is entirely made of porcelain (bisque). Her limbs, tiny delicate fingers and toes are gently blushed with China paint, giving a glowing warmth to her skin. She came with the most incredible hand-made costume, but my favourite detail has to be the feather glued to her scalp as her "hair" peeking out beneath her bonnet.

After purchasing her over Etsy, there was a long delay, because Seo wanted to re-make her costume. I didn't mind, so patiently waited. The end result is incredible. Tiny leather booties, with miniature eyelets to lace them up, a ruffled and exquisite tutu, sweet little bloomers, beautiful lace-up corset.... the attention to detail, care, and extensive work that went into it is just phenomenal.

Both Victoria and I are now avid doll-collectors, and scour Etsy for fresh muses, but I would comfortably say that Seo's dolls are truly something unique and very special. She was the sort of purchase I had to go into denial over (did I really just do that, oh my god I must be crazy) but seeing her in person, and the sheer amount of work that Seo put into this incredible doll, she is precious.

Swan Girl by Marie's Garden Dolls (Seo)


  1. oh congratulations Monika, she is simply wonderful, her head piece with the swan is just so great, it makes me smile, i love it! ♥

  2. It's incredible.... the amount of work in this doll is phenomenal, I'm serious.... she's so incredible to look at.

    *whip crack* now she better start inspiring!!!! :-)

  3. She really is a treasure, Monika. Congratulations! How tall is she?

  4. Always a delight to hear from you, lovely paiva!

    She is 28 cm (11 inches) tall from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.
    Put the Swan-bonnet on and she's 38cm (15 inches) tall.

    She's a beautiful size, not too big and dolly like (where do I PUT this thing!) she's small and delicate :-)
    My "ideal" doll height is between 25cm - 35cm.

  5. Omygosh Monika, I just saw this post of yours...
    you are right, Swan Girl is truly exquisite!
    Yes, oh yes! She does remind me of those beautiful white haired Mark Ryden girls...sighs

    Belated congratulations in finding such a muse!!

  6. She is adoreable, you are so lucky to have such a little treasure! Congrats on the purchase and the new "baby" :D

  7. Thank you mia and kamila!! She's an incredible doll.... :-) I'm so glad I didn't hesitate over her....

  8. I recently discovered Seo's work and literally squealed with delight! Her dolls are the closest thing I've seen in porcelain to what I hope to do with that medium. I'm dutifully saving up for a kiln, and can't wait to try my hand at making a porcelain bjd. Congratulations on adopting the Swan Girl, Monika - you have great taste and I know you'll truly appreciate such a beautiful creation!

  9. I squealed with delight both when I discovered her work, and when I discovered yours...

    I simply cannot wait to see your girls in porcelain, they'll be incredible!

  10. I love this doll!!! I am going to have to keep an eye on this little doll artist, she is amazing!!!

  11. Lovely, you are very lucky. It is a delicate piece of art


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