Sunday, November 7, 2010

My First Print Give Away !!

That's right all you lovelies, to celebrate finally preparing a beautiful silky set of Giclee Prints of my paintings, I have decided to host a little give-away!!

But first... a disclaimer!

One of the benefits of dealing personally with your printer, rather than doing business with some big company  (not only are you helping another individual out, which is nice!) was that I was allowed to keep any of the "mistakes". Rather than getting torn up and trashed, these little mishaps can find happy new homes as give-aways, prizes, presents, and bonus inclusions.
I hate seeing things get wasted, and the "mistake" editions have a beauty of their own, a freshness and alternative charm. They're actually less intense, and appear "fresh" because of the brighter colours.

(top print = "mistake")

so this calls for.....

a little give away!!!

from now until next Saturday (November 13th)  leave a comment here about which of the ten prints is your favourite (you can see them in my etsy gallery) and why.

I will pick two winners! Winners will be announced in a new blog post.... entries open... now!!

Let me know which one of these artworks you like the best and why, and in return for your valued feedback and thoughts, I will give out two prints as a thank you!

The first ten Giclee prints that sell in my shop will also get one of these bonus prints included as a thank you!

----------------     -----note-----     ---------------
I want to stress that these "mistake" prints are not the same quality as the prints for sale in my Etsy Shop.

The printer had a malfunction and printed out two entire editions without blue ink.
   (( I actually quite liked the result: vibrant, fluorescent, sun-saturated. ))

There is nothing wrong with their physical quality or archival properties, they are just visibly differently coloured from my originals. (see additional photographs)
---------------     ---------------     ---------------

Left - Give Away Print
Right - Editioned Print

Left - Editioned Print
Right - Give Away Print


  1. i like the 'friday' print. i believe everyone, at some point, has stared out a rain-streaked window, lost in thought, the monotonous pit-pat of the drops easing the thoughts whirling inside. it's almost mesmerizing. and it is now the season where we live for rain and coffee-shop beverages.
    i'm so glad i found your shop! just lovely. as a mother of two daughters, i appreciate your acknowledgment of girls. i can sense a story in each of your prints.
    divertida at fastmail dot fm

  2. My favorite has to be The Fountain. I may or may not have mentioned this before, but that picture has been on top of my mayple favorites list since forever. The colors, the scenery, it's perfect. I feel as if I'm there, in the picture, hiding behind a tree and staring at the beautiful nymph and wondering what's in her mind right at that moment. I've found myself staring at that particular picture for so long that I (please don't be upset!) printed it out (very small! Two inches tall I think, I should have asked first, I'm sorry!) to keep on my wall so I wouldn't have to keep her tab open. I just envy her so. I want her dress and her jewelry. I want to be the one sitting by the fountain with lovely little bits of foliage in my hair, looking as mysterious as ever. Is she upset? Is she happy? Excited? Aloof? Psychotic? Is she dreaming of tomorrow? Mayhaps of yesterday? Of today? Oh but I do so love that picture. It speaks to me. And it speaks so quietly that I cannot hear what it says, but it's beautiful, so I urge it to keep speaking.

  3. Oh WOW! I just came across your blog! Your art is going to be one of my new favorites! You have your own style and that is what I admire and look up to with my art.

  4. First I love the feel of all of you work. It's girly with a vintage feel. I can't get enough.

    My favorite piece is "Friday Afternoon." There is something about this painting that draws me to it. I think it's the warm colors that give me a feeling that it's a rainy cold day outside. With the lady sitting watching out the window with her coffee makes me happy. A activity I can see myself doing. Love it!

  5. Awww! How to choose! I have three all time favorite Friday, Brumble, and Lily Rose. Friday is extremely stylish and the girl is splendidly alive in it. Brumble is the familiar sight that greets us when we land on your blog: I like the spontaneous flow of paint, the pose and her sweet expression. But, as I have a weakness for blues, pinks, brights, details and flowers, I will give the winning crown to Lily Rose. I never tire of admiring the perfection of that beautiful figure, the exquisite shadows on her hands, her cute dress and those gorgeous flowers that complement her flowing hair. Every time I think of Mayple's art, Lily Rose is the first thing that comes to my mind. :)

  6. Well I've already told you all about my love for Fireflies in the Marsh, my absolute favorite ;) So instead I'll tell you about my second favorite, The Youngest Daughter.

    I imagine her as being shy and sweet, definitely a Daddy's girl who is loved by all and gets spoiled rotten but remains modest. In this painting I picture her coming home and finding all these flowers and letters left for her, and she turns around to see her lover behind her, who at that exact moment snaps a picture of her surprised and delighted expression. It's just so sweet and romantic <3

    Love, Kimmi

  7. It´s hard to pick just one favourite print ;)
    I choose "Fireflies in the Marsh".
    I particularly love the magic atmosphere, the beautiful colors and how you drawed the girl: the ethereal gown, the flower crown, the face... etc :)
    And I don´t know if it was your intention, but she looks like a faery to me, or maybe a girl getting lost by follow the fireflies...


  8. A HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who has entered, and left me some feedback!

    I cannot express how much hearing your individual thoughts and responses meant, it was priceless knowledge.

    I have published the winners in a new blog post.

    (I just realised Saturday in Australia is probably still Friday in other parts of the world. Apologies to anyone who was still thinking of entering! - you can of course still leave your thhoughts!!


Oh! How did you know? I absolutely adore comments, thank you! :-) I appreciate all the feedback I get xx