Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dia de las Muertos - Antoinette

Inspired by and anticipating the arrival of a new little porcelain friend I found myself greatly attracted to the Day of the Dead celebrations, aesthetics, and face painting styles.I found myself googling and flickr searching extensively, loving what I saw. We do not celebrate anything like this in Australia, and whilst other traditions (such as Christmas) have migrated over here, holidays such as this and All Hallows Eve (Halloween) have not. One day I would love to be able to visit South America at this time of the year.... wow! To be immersed in such a vibrant cultural tradition would be an incredible experience.

I've been quietly working on ideas and themes for my next "series" of artworks, and this piece is an example of the analogous and minimal colour scheme that will be dominant throughout the works.

Next blog post..... introducing this as a T-Shirt and Hoody design, hurray!!


  1. That porcelain doll is so cute! Your drawing is extremely awesome. You have definitely captured a the porcelain doll look along with the day of the dead celebration art. I absolutely love her hair.

  2. Beautiful! Love her

  3. The porcelain and watercolor girls are both very pretty. It's nice to see depictions of death that are not gruesome and have grace and a touch of humor. :)

  4. Your work amazes me more and more. This painting is so awesome! Great job!

  5. Thank you ladies for the comments. Most especially myling, who of course inspired this piece!!!

    Astera - agreed wholeheartedly. I shy away for gruesome and horrific imagery, I find heavily goth inspired pieces disturbing.. I am just a very sensitive little rabbit-heart!!

    I found the idea of celebrating death and turning it into a beautiful and colourful celebration, rather than something fearful and horrific, to be an enchanting and captivating concept.....

  6. Welcome to the rabbit-heart club! :)


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