Thursday, October 14, 2010

To meet an inspirer.....

I would like to start a series of blog posts about the talented and hard working artists whom I admire. The sort of creative individuals who have encouraged me by their persistance, inspired me with their flare and dedication, and kept my hopes strong with their success. Some of them I have the intense pleasure of knowing personally, and some of them I have only dreamt of meeting....

Today's post is about such a young woman. I am sure her name is no surprise. Audrey Kawasaki is the obvious choice to start this series with.

When I heard Audrey Kawasaki was coming to Australia for a solo exhibition, I was thrilled and excstatic. A childish exuberance took over, and I have been looking forward to it for well over a year, since she first made the announcement. I began tentative plans to make the 13 hour drive to Melbourne, or book a flight... so you can imagine my increased excitement when the Gallery she is being represented by, (Outre Gallery) announced the exhibition will travel up to Sydney, with Audrey attending in person.

I was initially drawn to Audrey’s feminine style and sensuous imagery. Girls with smouldering eyes and scowling lips, boudoir gazes and flowing hair. I think her unabashed penchant for depicting sensuous and even erotic moments is fantastic. She is not afraid to shy away from a part of life, that others might be scared to depict for fear of what it will be labelled.
The wood grain showing through her work is a nod at her Japanese heritage, and always reminds me of the beautiful Ukio-e woodblocks of masters like Hiroshige and Hokusai.

What I am most thrilled at though, is her success and the worldwide acclaim for her pieces. As a young female artist, struggling to find acceptance amongst the Fine Art Galleries for my “type” of imagery and artwork, it is encouraging to see the growing interest in more “illustrative” work, and such strong feminine imagery.

Too often I feel galleries are quick to label such work as girly and not serious, as lowbrow pop art, as passé.
So for this I am also indebted and thankful to her, for paving the way. It gives aspiring artists hope to see such grounds being made.

Outre Gallery that will be hosting her show in Sydney is a mere block away from where I live. Trendy Crown Street is abuzz with quaint little café’s and quirky retro boutiques. Wandering up Oxford Street into Paddington she will get to see my neighbourhood and why I love it so much. Beautiful boutiques, the flagship stores of many Australian Designers (Like Alannah Hill, Akira, High Tea with Mrs Woo) and the stylish denizen themselves.

I know she’s a shy little thing, but I hope I can have a chat with her on the opening night - it would be very nice!!

Additional info

"Tangled", Audrey's Solo show in Sydney, Australia opens on Friday 29th October.

Audrey Kawasaki’s website

Outre Galleries website

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