Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nana Sakata – The beauty of an Original

I haven’t been able to introduce many of the recent artworks I have acquired, as I am in the process of moving house so many of them have been packed up in boxes. I only just picked this one up from the gallery, so I quickly snapped a photo before it goes into storage.

The moment I laid eyes upon Nana Sakata’s delightful work, I was smitten.

Using a fine pen she builds up her pieces with tiny stippling dot marks. A childlike nostalgia mingles with a dark fairytale foreboding… will this creature eat me, or will he be my friend?

When I purchased this piece I commented, “I think this one will give me nightmares…. and I’ll love them, they’ll be really interesting!”

You can see more of Nana’s wonderful work on her art-blog:

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