Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Officially: Giclee Print Edition!!

I am most pleased, most excited, most thrilled to finally be able to announce: they are for sale!

I contacted the lovely gentleman who printed my first proof prints; picked out my ten most favourite, most beautiful artworks; and put in my order for one thousand prints!

So I can now officially announce: I have ten of my watercolour arworks available in a strictly limited edition of 10 copies each, up for purchase in my Etsy Shop!

Printing out such a vast number at one time meant two things.
First... it has sent me completely broke! I saved for a long time to be able to make such an investment!
Secondly.... this is where you little lovelies benefit - it allows me to offer them at a much lower price than I had originally calculated! (Cheer, hurray, yay!)

Also.... The first ten people to purchase a Giclee print from me will each recieve a bonus print!

A little incentive to try and get the ball rolling :-) All ten prints can be viewed in my etsy shop filed under Prints.

The information is the same, purchasing a Giclee Print VS a normal digital photo print assures archival professional quality, a beautiful lustre and immaculate mimicry of the original texture and watercolour subtleties.

Professionally printed on luxurious 310 g/m2 ARCHES cotton rag paper: 100% cotton, completely natural with no chemical additives. Printed with Archival Giclee, acid free Inks.


  1. I will have to look at the state of my poor little bank balance - because I definitely want a little piece of your beautiful art, and from the photo's I can see what you mean about the gorgoeus quality of the prints ...they look amazing Monika!

  2. The Giclee Prints are beautiful!


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