Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How many kinds of beautiful?

I ask you... how many kinds of beautiful is this?

An artist whom I greatly admire (and whose work I have the pleasure of feverishly collecting) has just opened up a line of enchanting fascinators and wearable pieces.

Lisa Falzon is all kinds of amazing. Her new adventure "Moth and Bay Leaf" has set my imagination frolicking in the woods. I want to embody everything these haunting pictures capture....

I urge you.... go take a look! Moth and BayLeaf Shop

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  1. Wow Monika thank you for the plug :) I love that you loved the photos! They were such a big job to put together - in some ways the expense and artistry of them surpasses any profit the fascinators would make me. But I had to give them credit! :)


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