Monday, December 13, 2010

Website Announcement!!

 I have been wanting a beautiful, girly website for so long now… for so long. I spent years (no joke) trying to find the perfect designer to bring my extravagant dreams to life (well, to digital life anyway) and pretty much thought I was on a hopeless mission…

Until now! It’s all about to happen, I am besides myself with anticipation and excitement!

To celebrate the official launch I will be hosting some festivities and give-aways here, to share my joy.
Participants need to visit the website, have a little wander through the woods, then return here and let us know what you think!! I would love to hear everyone’s responses (good or bad, seriously! This isn’t a cry for pure adoration and praise….. well, maybe a little, heehee)

Prizes will be handed out, including Giclee Prints and other fantastical goodies!

Curious? You can get a preview here:

A HUGE thank-you to the absolute angel who finally brought this dream of mine to a reality, and has worked tirelessly for the past year to bring this to fruition. Thanks Amal, I am indebted and forever grateful xx

The launch will take place NEXT WEEK on Tuesday the 21st of December!

If you follow me on facebook, I’ll be sure to scream about it when it’s officially launched!!



  1. That is so absoutely fantastic! I'm so glad you used (and abused) the gorgeous Amal.
    She's my choice too when I get there.
    With your beautiful artwork and Amal's brilliance, you can't help but be the success you deserve to be. xxxxx

  2. OMG, I literally checked your website last week, wondering when it was going to pop up. Can't wait to see it!

  3. Waaaaaaaahhhh I got all excited reading this -- as if I've never seen it before!! hehe ;)

    Wow Jayne, you are too kind! I would be honoured to work with you one day!!

    Hope you guys will like it!!!!! You can't really go wrong with monika's beautiful drawings xxx

  4. Amal has masses of talent - i just popped over to take a peak, and instantly could see how very much the beautiful soft and feminine nature of your art is captured in the style and layout of the design ...absolutely gorgeous monika :)

  5. Congratulations all 'round! The site preview is lovely, lovely, lovely. --ruth

  6. Dear Monika,
    Hello! What a delight it was to receive your lovely comment and have you follow my blog. It truly made my day and made me smile ear to ear. How funny that we are at opposite ends seeking different goals, and yet I would love to be in your shoes! You have already accomplished so much with you talent and it is only the beginning. I have no doubt that all your dreams for your art will come true. I would love to ask you some questions some time, as you have achieved things I hope to do one day. xxx

  7. Wonderful layout! The colors are perfectly mossy and brumble-y, the wild flowers and golden tones so well suited to you! Looking forward to seeing more...but I'll have to wait until January *dyes of curiosity*.
    Congratulations to you and lots of Bravas! to Amal for this new proof of her talent! ;)

  8. I'm so excited for you Monica! The winter solstice is a perfect day for your launch. A day of rebirth!

  9. Congrats Monika(&Amal)!

    I want to see MORE. I love the layers of deep forest, thorns, moss, and exotic flowers and in the middle a signature girl of Monika's illustrations.

    Alright, I need to sign up on Amal's client list, too :)

  10. Thanks everyone!!! So soon, so soon! amal's working her little heart out whilst I sit here twiddling my thumbs :-)


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