Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Official Website Launch

Party Streamers fly through the air, fireworks crack in the sky in a blazing bravado of colour and light, and children run through the streets decked in flowers and screaming for joy.

Well, if this was in the real world, and not purely digital, the festivites woud be wild and raucus. As it is, things go on as usual, but inside me is a great and bursting joy.

It was pointed out to me that today, the day of my website launch, is also the Winter/Summer Solstice (and a full Lunar eclipse) - a time of rebirth and renewal. This feels incredibly perfect - I'm in need of a bit of a renewal. I'm happy that having this site will mean a beautiful online portfolio for people to see my artwork in a creative and unified way. After all, my art is who I am and why I am, it is everything about me, it is what I treasure most.

I invite you, dear readers and friends, to visit the site, take a meandering stroll through the woods, and let me know what you think! Both my website designer and I are positively jumping around, eager to know everyone's response.

Comments left before December 27th will all be considered in the running for presents!! I will be giving out some Giclee Prints and little arty goodies in return for your valued and much appreciated feedback (Bribery? perhaps.... :-)

So, without further ado, may I present....


  1. How absoutely beautiful and stunning. I am so proud to know you and your art work XXXXXXXXX

  2. Yay!!! It's beautiful! Great work :)
    Hope you have a lovely Chrissy xox

  3. It's gorgeous! I enjoyed wandering through the woods! There were many pieces in the artwork sections that I hadn't seen before, so that was a happy bonus. I love it all, how the middle picture changes depending on what I'm highlighting, the blog and etsy links embellishing themselves when I hover over them, the cute little locket in the corner, the background image... it's all so lovely! And heee hee.. I know this isn't a part of *your* site, but the link to HeartStrung's "Um... hi!" page is cute too, simple and makes me smile. Would it be rude to ask if I could use the background image of your site as my desktop? It's soo pretty!

    Ooo and a question, when you hover over the middle, cameo picture, the arrow turns in to a hand, as if you should be able to click it, but you can't... is that supposed to be something to click? Or is it because it's a flash? I'm totally clueless about such things.

    Overall, I LOVE this site. It looks like monika viktoria from the moment the page loads. <3 You and your web designer get an A+! *applauds*

  4. I finally saw your website - it is breathtaking and oh so perfect for you and your art! I could really appreciate your beautiful artwork EVEN MORE, seeing all your pieces together. Your style is amazing, and your very clever website developer has captured your aesthetic perfectly!! Gorgeous gorgeous work xx

  5. Beautiful site!!!!! It really shows off your work and accents your style. I love your colors, your line quality, sense of playfulness. I am so happy for you! Good luck ( and hard work) in the near future!

  6. Dear Monika,

    Your site is beautiful and very true to your inspirations and style! The artist stament is heartfelt and touching. Congrats!

    I however had some glitches when navigating through the site(not sure if it's because I am on a Mac?!) Anyone else having the same difficulties? When I clicked on the individual thumbnails in the Of Lace&Moss, Sketchbook... etc. sections, it just got stucked so I could not view the rest of the images except the very first.

  7. Thankyou so much everyone for the feedback!!

    Miss Lk special thanks for noticing the glitches on your end. I have heard this from one other MAC user, (it works fine on my PC laptop)

    If anyone does notice glitches, can you please tell me exactly what they are, and where they pop up, so Amal and I (well... just Amal!) can fix them

    :-) Thanks! Keep the feedback coming, it's so nice to finally hear everyone's thoughts after all this time building it!!

  8. Dear Monika,
    Congratulations on your beautiful website launch. Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  9. I'm so excited for you Monica! Everything is beautiful.

    I have been experiencing glitches similar to Miss LK...must be my MAC. Sometimes the thumbnails can be activated and sometimes they cannot. I will continue to try until I see everything!

    Happy Holidays!

  10. ~*Kimmi*~

    Hello mayple cakes! I absolutely adore your new website, it's so very mayple-like. The layout is beautiful, I love your brambly background, and the cameo in the center is the perfect thing to tie it all together. I love how the picture changes! I saw some never-before-seen artwork, that's always a plus. Congrats to Amal for setting this all up!!

  11. ~*Kimmi again*~

    I only have two issues. First, on the enter page, it says Ente and the R is on a line below it. There is also some script at the bottom of the page... Here's a link to show you what I mean http://tinypic.com/r/2j2tgy0/7

    Also, it may be just my computer being slow, but when I click on the thumbnails it takes a long time for the whole picture to load. I imagine it's probably due to the lovely transition you have set up between the pictures (you know, like it fades from one picture to the next). The transition is nice but it seems to take too long, if you know what I mean.

    Other than those two things, I love it!! Congratulations <3<3<3


Oh! How did you know? I absolutely adore comments, thank you! :-) I appreciate all the feedback I get xx