Saturday, May 15, 2010


Ticket to melbourne is booked!

Outfit is sorted!

However.... the artworks themselves are not yet framed, Ah!!

Besides the framing situation, things are getting exciting :-) I wanted to share the delightful exhibition invites the gallery sent up to me... I think they're so ingenious, printed like playing cards! The front features Brisbane artist Courtney Brims graphite drawing, and a list of the exhibiting artists names. So special to be on there

Sydney based jewellery designer (and a very dear friend) Alison Wheeldon created this exquisitely beautiful Silver lace necklace for me, set with Green Sapphires and Tourmaline, so that I may embody my "of lace and moss" persona on the night of the exhibition.... It is such a breathtaking piece, I love it.....


  1. Woohoo Monika, it's going to be a great show.
    That necklace is just stunning. I thought it was real lace until I read it properly!
    I can't wait to see piccys of the show AND your new dress. I hope you've got a big coat, it is in Victoria after all :0)

  2. Congratulations on the show! You will look stunning in that necklace!

  3. Proceding in order...
    -The cards from the gallery are really nice and different...will there be other elements connected to the playcards theme on the show?
    -The necklace is stunning: you'll look fantastic in it.
    -Will the outfit be mossy green? Ok, maybe you want to keep that as a secret, however I could not help but wondering about the dress that will go with the necklace...

  4. Thankyou darling ladies for the wishes of luck!!

    Jayne - you betcha, taking my fucshia aannah hill coat so I can look like a cool kid ;-P

    Astera- No other "playing card" themes to the show per se, the theme is female australian artists all working with ideas of femininity - focusing on the naughty and the nicer parts :-)
    My dress is green, yes ;-) Green flowers for my hair, green dress, green tights, green green green!

  5. Hey Mon!!
    Is that little Mandy in the photo?? It totally looks like her!!

  6. You've got a good eye little darling. Yes, it's funny how small the world is sometimes, isn't it?

  7. Love it!! Did you take the photos of Mandy wearing the necklace??

  8. No darling, I used my imagination!!!


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