Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Profile on Indie Art & Design

With the show on in two days (hurray!) the other artists and I taking part in "Ladies First" were each interviewed by "Indie Art & Design", a website dedicated to showcasing and featuring independant Australian artsy types. My little rambling is at the top of the page with one of the artworks I'll be showing, please pop over and take a look!!

Written by Carol Price, I thought the introductory paragraph was very cute and appropriate:

"Ladies First" opens at 6pm this Friday night, 21st May 2010! The girls will come out to play, and show off an amazing collection of original artworks.
Curated by Melbourne's Tessa Yee, the show will be a unique and light-hearted exploration of the ways in which female artists represent their ideas of femininity - both the dark and the light, the naughty as well as the nice.


  1. Good luck and big kisses being sent your way.
    It'll be fabulous <3

  2. Thank you!!!! I am so crazy excited, how am I meant to focus on work today!!!

  3. Hope it went well! Looking forward to hearing all about it!


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