Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Butterfly Bones

The Butterfly Bones is a very talented, incredible friend of mine, and I wanted to feature her beautiful artworks today....

I have posed for her fairy tale, ephemeral photographs with much joy... to be a part of such a unique and haunting vision is really special, and the artworks she then creates from these photographs are breathtaking. Glimpses of fragile beauty, macabre fairy tale twists, misty pastel dreams, fading memories and aching longings.... Her work sends shivers up my spine and makes me yearn to fall into the world she creates and lose myself for hundreds of years....

The Butterfly Bones

"A Thousand years is a beautiful, macabre "Brothers Grim" homage to lost love and failed fairy tale endings. A decaying bride waits for a thousand years whilst her dress grows like wild moss and ivy around her forever waiting frame."

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