Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ladies First - Group Show at BSG


monika viktoria – of lace and moss

My current body of work “of lace and moss” is a series of delicate portraits depicting transient moments in time.
The girls in my portraits are captured glimpses: a parting glance before a departure, a blink, a sigh, a hesitant decision. They are caught in the brief moment between a breath, a second of silent contemplation before a transformation.
When I think of lace and moss I imagine silent places deep within the woods, and forgotten attics guarding the remnants of a decadent bygone time. In my drawings I try to depict the ephemeral waifs who might equally inhabit both places.
Layers of delicate watercolour washes create a softly glowing space; an achingly fragile world filled with longing and intermingled memories.
For “Ladies First” I will be exhibiting a selection of the latest portraits in the series.


I'm delighted to announce I will have a selection of my latest artworks on exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery in late May. I have been drawing and preparing with great excitement.

I even sat down and made the most time consuming - but beautiful - business cards I could. Each little frame I cut out by hand, keeping the pretty ornate silhouette in tact. The delicate tissue paper pouches are all sewn individually, and the precious card slips inside...


  1. holy MOLY those are some crazy business cards! They're beautiful!

  2. Between your paintings, your beautiful self, and those stunning business cards, you will be a knock-out, Monika! I believe Noxy's choice of the expression "Holy Moly!" is exactly right!

  3. those businesscards are something else, i love them!

  4. ladies, thank you so much for your yummy comments and support.... it sounds like I should just pin my business cards to the walls and forget the drawings ^_^

    Paiva - you are so getting extra brownie points :-)

  5. Terrific PR! All the best for the show: such a detailed and loving work should and will be rewarded!

    PS: Monika, what kind of printer do you have? Your cards look so shiny and with great colors...

  6. Ah... my printer is the saddest creature alive Astera!!

    I went next door to a photo-lab. I printed these out on matt photo paper, then cut them all out by hand, leaving the intricate wavy frame silhouttes in tact!!

  7. ...I see...Your printed must be related to mine!

  8. *printer! (sorry: my spelling keeps failing me these days!)


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