Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday Afternoon

It took me a couple of months to build up the courage to ask my latest model to pose for me :-) Isn't that silly? A new friend that I had made, I didn't want to scare her off straight away. Luckily for me, she is such a sweet, friendly, bubbly, happy girl in real life, she accepted my (attempted) suave-sounding request graciously.

This is an interesting part of my artistic process, though. I have seen girls before that I have though I would love to draw. I am no way confidant enough to walk up to one of them and proposition them. This is probably, at the moment, a good thing. I do not know what these beautiful or interesting looking mysterious girls are like at all.... drawing my friends and the lovely ladies I have acquainted myself somewhat with means I can infuse a little bit of their personality, or a sense of psychology into the artwork.

So I just mentioned this model is lovely, bubbly, happy, and always smiling..... however, she told me some very interesting stories about her life, and I felt very moved at all that she has already accomplished, and lived through. I think a bit of world weariness and reflectiveness has come through in this piece, which I'm happy about.

I hadn't done such a grey drawing in a long time. But I'm very happy with it. I feel a bit like this on some Friday afternoons.


  1. Those hands! The slight, lovely curve of her forearm, the warmth of her skin against the cool grey! This is a very soothing painting to look at, and very very beautiful. ~Ruth

  2. It's lovely! And I love window seats.

  3. ooh Monika, i love this painting, i love that mood in it and can relate to it!
    this looks like out of an illustrated story book about this girl!

  4. You ladies brought a smile to my face, thank you so much!! This is my latest favourite artwork... reading your comments encouraged me to get OFF the computer and get OUT my watercolours!!!

  5. I've been following your blog for a while now and I just want to say I love your paintings.

  6. Oh, Monika, I'll model for you any time you want. Just tell me and I'll hop on a plane to Australia ;) Lol. I love all of your art so much, but I think this and The Last Romantic are two of my absolute favorites.

    --Kimmi <3

  7. Thanks Kimmi - no need to hop on a plane, just set up an informal photoshoot in your garden/sitting room/ near a florist/etc, snap some shots and send them my way ;-)

    ashley - thank you so much for stopping by to say so.. hearing these lovely words of encouragement is so helpful in moments of doubt!!

  8. Hey Monika, i have to say that I liked every work of yours that i saw on deviantart, so I came here to say, keep it that way. Your works are inspiring to me.
    I saw ^ what you wrote to Kimmi, and i'm sure that it would be such an honor to be a part of your work.


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