Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mi Wo Same - The Last Look

Mi wo same - in Japanese: The Last Look, the final image to be burned into your memory before a parting...

I started this piece this time last week, then much to my chagrin, just as I was about to have 5 glorious days off in a row because of Easter, and was preparing to spend them pursuing art and creativity, I fell quite ill. I spent all 5 days, and two more after that, in bed. I haven't had that many days off in a row in a long long time. I was, and still am, very annoyed at this wasted opportunity.

anyway.... I was glad to finish her today. I've seen the preview of the invite for the group show, and I'm excited :-)

I originally wanted to find a nice frenchy sounding name for "The Last Look", as if she was quickly taking a last glimpse of herself before she heads out. My partner told me the Japanese term for it, with a slightly different connotation - a last look before a parting. I thought that fit nicely here, a bit of mystery...


  1. Aww Mandy looks gorgeous!! You have to do another one of me! Please!!!!

  2. i'm just loving your shading, your technique has really evolved into something new i feel, beautiful!

    how annoying is that, getting ill when you have free days!


  3. Constructive criticism... Her head is very large in proportion to her body, even allowing for stylism. The reflection seems rushed. It's a shame the line by her jaw is so dark. The dress and the details are nicely painted.


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