Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden Tea

Slowly, slowly, I am getting back into drawing again. It is a fantastic feeling. I think that's why drawing so small (A5 sized) is really working for me, I get to see results a little quicker, and it keeps my hopes up. 
Even so, finishing a piece like this can take me days (up to a week) as I draw in snippets and fragments after work in the evenings.
This one was a little challenge for me... to try and mix colours varying enough to differentiate between her skin, blouse, and pale hair... the colours are quite different too, but she still fits in nicely with the other drawings.

A little story.... usually the darling faced coquettes I draw are all the lovely ladies and gorgeous girls that I am lucky enough to call my friends. I enjoy drawing the girls I know personally, because I 'm able to infuse the drawing with a sense of their personality and character. It helps me to breathe a bit more life into the pieces.

Even so, sometimes I will draw a girl I have never met....this was such a case.

I came across a lovely etsy seller, Zara Carpenter, who makes the most incredible fascinators... not only were her pieces just the quirkiest, most extravagant designs, but the photography was perfect... and of course.... the big eyed, platinum haired model caught my attention straight away. I wanted to draw her.....

You can imagine my joy when the lovely Zara agreed to allow me to draw inspiration from her images. Her boyfriend took the photographs, and Zara made all the gorgeous fascinators. Do pay them a visit!

 Zara Carpenter "Chatham Girl"  ~etsy boutique~  and  ~blog~ 
Rikard Osterlund ~photography~


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