Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Consideration

It's been a long time since I have completed one of my proper artworks. By proper I mean part of my "Of Lace and Moss" series. 
With a group show coming up in late may, I have been inspired to dally no more! Especially knowing I'll be showing alongside Caitlin Shearer, whom I admire greatly. 

Speaking of Caitlin, let me diverge from my path and talk about her for a little bit. A fellow young female Australian artist, I discovered her work online and have been eagerly following her art and progress ever since. I finally got to met her the other night when she had her works on exhibition in the boutique down the hall from me in the Strand Arcade. I think I was quite boisterous. She was quite overwhelmed. I probably made it worse!! There was free champagne and tiny ice-creams on offer - a deadly combination for my class and eloquence. 
Seeing her incredible paintings in real life was quite amazing... overwhelming in fact. I went home close to tears (I had an emotional week!!!) frustrated at myself. Whilst I enjoy working for Victoria at her beautiful boutique, I was suddenly very conscious of the fact that my most precious asset is my time, and all my time is spent working for someone else. I can draw, and enjoy drawing - but have no time to do so. I wished more than anything that night that I had more time to do what I loved more than anything in the world, that is, to devote it to my art. 

Anyway, that being said, I was most definitely inspired to focus on my dream and try to scrape together a few hours here and there where I can sit down at my drawing desk and work. Lose myself in this romantic world I like to depict. 

I completed this drawing last year, and like so many of my artworks, left it in an unfinished state whilst I became distracted with other exciting compositions or beckoning side projects. My model was a gorgeous girl who was very inspirational whilst I worked with her during my time at Alannah Hill. Natalia was an amazing young woman, and single handedly started up her own fashion label, "The Last Romantic". 


  1. i love this painting, your drawings will grace beautiful books as illustrations, i just know it!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with annina! I love this painting, her lips are gorgeous, and I love her dress. Is she the same model as the one you use for your banner here?

  3. Thank you gorgeous girls for the sweet words of encouragement, they are always good to hear!!

    Noxy, yes, she is the same lovely girl as my banner :-)

  4. I agree, this is a very beautiful painting of a very beautiful girl. I love the mood of it, and the questions it creates in my mind... One of my very faves, Monika! ~Ruth

  5. The artist is so very talented. Amazing work Monika, I am so impressed with your skills.
    YOu just keep getting better and better each time I see your art


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