Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The First Signs of Spring - Snow dome

Even though it's Autumn going into Winter where I am, I know the rest of the world is beginning to bud and Spring is on the way.....

Today, I made a snow dome.

You cannot know how happy this has made me. I have already been asked to submit an example for the late-may group exhibition, and I haven't finished the image.... but..... I made a snow dome.

The drawings inside are done in delicate watercolour and pen. The model is actually my gorgeous little red-headed muse... but today I gave her a bit of a "White Snow Queen" makeover....

In fact, I love my snow dome so much, I am thinking of making some more, to sell through my etsy boutique....  but maybe I should behave and finish that drawing for the group show first... I have procrastinated long enough.....


  1. Sooo pretty! Love it!! But you're right, you should get to work and finish that drawing! Hop to it! :D

  2. It's very beautiful!!! And maybe this was something you *needed* to do in order to bring something necessary and wonderful to your other drawing...Maybe procrastination is actually giving ideas time and space to ripen...

  3. You have to go with the flow with these things. It's not procrastination it's part of the creative process. Respect the snow globe, it's lovely.

  4. Oh you girls!! You help me justify all my little side-endevaours!!

    But I think all three of you were right... because i did end up finishing the "proper" drawing, and she turned out incredible. My best yet.... I think :-)

  5. I'm glad I found you today. I love your art and will come visit lots.

  6. Colette - that was such a sweet comment. I see you found me on flickr too, I should go and thank you for your sweet comment! :-)


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