Thursday, March 18, 2010

Curiouser and curiouser

We've all become a little mad here recently...

At the Boutique, Victoria bought three new Alice dolls from Black-Eyed Suzie

The 'Curiouser and curiouser' Alice inspired sterling silver rings are selling fast (all displayed with my 'Falling Alice' design! I can't photograph and list them quick enough!)

....and I'm greatly pleased to announce that I've begun stocking up on different sizes of my Alice T-Shirt, and am listing them on my etsy (let's hear a cheer, and a hurray!)

Speaking of my little boutique, I finally decided to do something I initially told myself I would not, absolutely not do. I've made some prints available.

I am a big fan of Original Artworks. Wherever possible, I always try to purchase originals from the artists that I like. I'd rather save up and buy one beautiful original, than buy ten digital prints.

So with my little prints, I decided to still make them special. I've created a few little "gift sets"
The print comes framed with a cameo-style matt border, and included in the set is one of my whimsical pocket mirrors, and a tiny little badge.

Here are the first two gift sets I have created....


  1. your Alice doll from Black Eyed Susie looks awsome! as do your artworks (the small peeks for Spring that I saw) - I'm really pleased your etsy shop is super busy, as your art rocks! :)

  2. Thank you darling... but my etsy shop is mainly just me talking to myself really loudly... no sales ^_^


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