Tuesday, January 17, 2012


9 little sketches, a triptych, and 7 A2 watercolour paintings have been selected to feature in my upcoming group show “A Mese Három Arca”, opening in one week’s time in Győr. I will be exhibiting along two other very talented young women, similarly working with themes from Hungarian stories and fairytales. I have exhibited with Farkas Zsuzsi twice now, and I’m delighted to be showing with her again!
Here are my lovelies, awaiting matt-board cutting and frames. I won’t see them again till the 20th!

In other news relating to exhibitions: the very next day one of my works will feature in the "Téli Tárlat" Exhibition, on show at the Napoleon House in Győr. I will get to personally accompany the illustrations I create for the Children's Book Illustration Salon held in Poznan, Poland during the 3-5th of February. And finally, the date for my Solo Exhibition at the Eszterházi Palace (the main building of the Museum of Fine Art in Győr) has been penciled in for the 4th of May – a most auspicious day for me, as that is my name day! Which also means my return date to Australia will be postponed till after that. Until then, I continue to live the life of a full-time bludger, I mean…. Artist!


  1. how wonderful! I wish i could see your show. Congratulations on all these events. Best to you.

  2. ...greetings new dear gentle spirit! ~ hmm, ~ how DID i know!? ~ from the beautiful spirit that's left a comment above me!...
    ...i found yoU thru' her blog list of awesome people she follows! ~ the name of your blog caught my eye! ~ sO, i came over for a visit! ~ yoU are sweet magic! ~ like nectar from the honey bee!...
    ...looking forward to your upcoming posts on all of your blogs! ~ meanwhile ~ may yoU journey well ~ and have a fabulous week ahead!...
    ...i bequeath a sonnet for thee...

  3. Congrads! This is such exciting news :D

  4. They look beautiful- cant wait to see more :-) The children's illustration project sounds wonderful too


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