Friday, January 27, 2012

The Orphan King

The first illustration out of four intended to be displayed at the Poznan Children’s Book Illustration Salon in Poland. I write a bit about the story and illustration salon here

In this picture I depicted the moment described in the book when the old King dies, and young Matykó (Matty) sits despondently in his room – because whilst he has just become King, he has also lost his father and become an orphan, completely alone in the world.

I wanted him to look tiny, garbed in the oversized mourning robes of an adult, a news-paper crown on his head, the same a child would fold out of paper when playing dress-ups.

75 x 52 cm, Watercolour on Paper.


  1. Awww, he looks so sad. You captured his emotions perfectly.

  2. Magical..... Your boys have developed a real essence about them, they are coming to life! x

  3. oooh Monika, this is absolutely amazing!
    i am now just staying put awaiting the day when the first book with your illustrations comes out, so i'll be right there to buy it!! :D

  4. Another wonderful painting. I love how you put so much into the small details. Loving the pattern on his coat and the words on his paper hat.

  5. I always marvel at how good is your use of space...the white background is a protagonist of the painting as much as the characters and the beautifully detailed props...brava, Monika!


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