Thursday, January 19, 2012

Customer Appreciation

I just love getting little snapshots of my work in their new locations!

Late last year when my blog finally reached 100 followers I gave away a small little watercolour. Astera was sweet enough to take these beautiful photographs when the parcel reached her. Her camera captures a beautiful little romantic world, and I'm delighted my art is a part of it!

Seeing this little snapshot makes me realize just how important a nice clear photograph is to present your work as an  artist. Until I return to Australia I am dependent on a really battered little point and shoot, with my nice DSLR waiting back home. One of my little postcards here.

Astera Torralba writes a touching and genuinely kind post here on her blog: the mermaid in the living room. I'd recommend popping over promptly, not to further ogle my work, but to have a peek at her own incredibly beautiful artworks.


  1. I love those photos. Sophie looks lovely showing your art :)

  2. Thank you so very much, Monika! I am so glad you liked the way I portrayed your work. Sophie was a helpful and collaborative model. :)


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