Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baroque Palaces

I’ve mentioned before how charming I find the inner town of Győr, with its pastel coloured Baroque houses and Palaces. Due to its rich history, the Baroque theme is heavily pushed by the town with special occasions and street festivals during the year. To my immense joy I was invited to an exclusive Baroque themed costume ball, held in the incredibly beautiful Zichy palace here in Győr.

I have already been for my costume fitting – a honey-pink gown, with layers of organza and silk, and a matching ostentatious costume hat decked in delicate roses and vines. I begged for the largest, most extravagant crinoline they had. And I got it. If you’re going to go to a Baroque Ball you might as well go all out, no?

During the night I will be one of the “entertainment”; with a little easel set up in one of the palace rooms to paint delicate portraits in my ephemeral style. A formal dinner is followed by a night of dancing, to which I am most looking forward to!

As I will be exhibiting some of my work during the Ball, I decided to raid the frame store again for some decadent, ornate gold frames. How gorgeous are they? I cannot wait to fill them with dames and coquettes.

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  1. ooh ooh, this is WONDERFUL, when will the ball be?
    ooh i can't wait to hopefully see a photo of you in your dress!! have fun at the ball :D ♥


Oh! How did you know? I absolutely adore comments, thank you! :-) I appreciate all the feedback I get xx