Friday, April 20, 2012

Lost in Paris

At the end of my first week in Paris, I have fallen under the charm of this place. I have had no time to draw or sketch, (and am pretty terrible at en plein air anyway) but I have spent most of my free time wandering the streets, enjoying the vibe of the charming alleyways and wonderful architecture.
Visiting the famous Café de Flore and Ladurée was a treat.

I've seen some inspiring art, and finally had the pleasure of viewing paintings and sculptures that I studied at Art School with my own eyes. 

However, one of my highlights was wandering (awkwardly) into the tiny Musée Dupuytren, where I sketched some eery 'specimens'. I had a wonderful encounter and conversation with another artist sketching there, the whole thing quite surreal in hindsight. Unfortunately, small slips of paper with information printed in small, neat handwriting tend to get easily destroyed when you're helping to look after two small children. And it is harder than I thought to locate a gallery from memory.

And finally, a message for a stranger in Paris......I got lost. I wandered about the streets of Bastille, French girls with i-phones attempted to help me locate the gallery, but all to no avail. The wind picked up, the rain poured down, and after a few hours I admitted defeat.

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  1. i'm thinking of you, i hope you won't get lost again!
    Paris is so beautiful, i was once there for a few days at the end/beginning of a year, it was winter and cold yet it was magical then too.


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