Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, Watercolour, 50 x 60cm

The first painting for 2015 - Rose Quartz is a representation of a few of my inspirations right now: crystal formations, spores, dried flowers, pastels and artist-made dolls. 

As opposed to most of my other watercolours here I was able to try out a new product that my art store recommended to me, canvas specifically treated to take watercolours. This opens up greater possibilities for watercolourists wishing to work on a larger scale I feel, it was interesting to work on but I think it is still not quite the same as working on paper (less absorbent, the paint stays on the surface level and cannot "sink" in to bond with the fibres.) I tried some of the "drippy" techniques I was able to learn at the Cherry Hood workshop last year, I don't plan to make it a trend in my work, but I do wish to lean towards a looser handling of paint this year, VS my older rigid works.


If you can, please visit this link, as she is in the running for the Yen Australian Female Art Award, voting for people's choice is super simple - the grey button near my entry for people's choice! I am lagging quite far behind, and will need about a-hundred vote's to make it to the lead, so each little mouse-click will be super appreciated!!

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