Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The beauty of an original #3

Originally, I thought I'd follow a rough timeline with these posts, but I just couldn't stand having to wait weeks to introduce her, no, I want you all to meet her right now!
I think the whole entire, long, drawn-out version of this story is important. So let me begin at the very beginning! I hope you enjoy the meaning behind her too :-)

Antlered Ballerina Nymph by Crystal A Suh

One day, as I was walking towards The Strand Arcade in Sydney, where I was to start working at Alannah Hill, I saw a girl in the loveliest dress. It was all lace and layers, soft and cream and white and grey. I didn't dare run up to her to ask where it was from, but I loved it. As I was inspecting the surrounding boutiques on the same level as Alannah, I came across a gorgeous window display, just two doors down. Tiny hand-stitched birds mingled with romantic jewellery fit for the ladies of the most nostalgic fairy tales. In the centre of the display was the most gorgeous little doll I had ever seen. Dressed in tattered silk, her doe eyes hiding beneath lashes made of lace, her full skirt just showing off the tiny garter on her slender legs, antlers curling atop her delicate head. I crept in to the store to inquire about her. Suprisingly, the girl I had seen that morning was to answer, that the little nymph had been made by an artist from America. I never missed my chance to peer into those windows every day.

I could never have guessed then, that I would end up working in that same boutique in less than a year. When I did, one of the first things I asked Victoria, was who had made Odette - her ballerina nymph.
So after a bit of research, I managed to track down Crystal's etsy shop, and contacted her. I had by then decided I would like to commission her. I'm sure my first message was very silly. I tend to gush.
Crystal was lovely though, and she's mentioned to me that she got a lot of inspiration for this little nymph from looking at my art. This is especially noticeable in her colouring, which I adore.
When outlining some "inspirational words" for the mood I thought would look nice for one of her nymph's, this is what I wrote:

"lace and moss, of branches and brambles, of leaves and vines, antlers, long lashes, grey, cream, silky whispers, tentative and seductive, shy and cheeky, quiet things, secrets, mist and fog and old woods, birds and girls..."

I've named her Bramble, and here are some shots of her when she arrived yesterday, posing with the lovely Odette, her big sister. I can't wait to draw her soon, my little wild girl of the woods.

'Bramble' - Antlered Ballerina Nymph #2 made by Crystal A Suh

~An Afterthought~
I can sew as well, and whenenver I do not update here with new drawings, do not think I am sitting on the couch eating popcorn and staring at the wall... no, I am probably sitting on the couch eating popcorn and sewing something tiny. When you are a little poor girl, you quickly learn to make things yourself. As a girl, if I saw something I liked, I would usually go home, source the materials, and try my hand at it. Sometimes the experiment failed miserably, other times, I learnt something new.

I like to think I am a *tiny* bit of a renaissance lady, and the scope of my aesthetic tastes is very plentiful. Unfortunately, the time it would take me to make all the vast things that I like and would like to have, well... I would never have time to draw another picture again!
With my new "art collector" mindset, I hope to support other young artists like me, and form new friendships. I have definately become enamoured of Crystal's style, and really hope she and I can work together again.

Please visit her etsy boutique sometime: The Crystalistic Shop


  1. Crystal is is great. Her work is exquisite. You're lucky to own one of her exclusive works.

  2. I wish I knew who you were to thank you, and because now I'm curious how you found me!


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