Saturday, April 2, 2011

Preview of what's to come...

A glimpse at the inspiration behind the next artwork I've been planning. This quote by Eduardo Galeano captured my imagination the moment I heard it, and I knew instantly that I wanted to draw it.

Recently my later pieces have been a lot more "illustrative" - in that they have been a lot more heavy in narrative content. Whether inspired by a quote, poem, or even a concept or an isolated emotion, I have been trying harder to capture a strong sense of something having just happened, or glimpsing the instant before something dramatic is about to take place.

My vision for "We are all mortal until..." would definitely be such a piece. I knew instantly the two friends whom I wanted to ask to model for the final artwork. I brainstormed for a few weeks on possible locations, then in the name of art I was forced to accompany a beautiful young lady to a small Sydney laneway bar and drink wine, laugh, and generally make a ruckuss moving furniture around. But the staff were all very accommodating, so I have part two to look forward to (I decided to pose the two models on separate occasions)

With a skimpy two weeks till I leave I think the actual execution of the artwork will have to wait till I return, getting the reference material together will be enough fun in the meantime.

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  1. it will be *this* much fun!

    (I've detached my arms and they're plastered at each of the magnetic poles)


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