Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fading Afternoon

I struggled for a title for this one. Started out simply as "The Florist", then I thought about "They don't know you anymore" - inspired by a song lyric.
Finally settled with a simpler title, Fading Afternoon, to evoke that time of day as dusk threatens to settle on the landscape, and daylight will only linger a little while longer....


  1. Oh I love this one. It's as if her skin, her face is the only thing in focus, and everything else is fading as well. How lovely! <3

  2. Fading Afternoon is the perfect name. I get that dreamy feel from the girls surroundings like the sun is sitting. I love how you use ink strokes to draw attention to the focal point. Another stunning painting.

  3. Oh the melancholy...I've seen that light so many times...those few minutes are always magical. And I really like the multiple meanings of this beautiful piece...:)

  4. oh this is so lovely, you can almost smell the hydrangeas. i love the mood in this painting!


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