Sunday, March 20, 2011

Soft Pastels

With just under a month left till I head overseas, I find myself desperately trying to finish these last few drawings. When really I should be worrying about the fact that I do not yet have a back pack, or suitable pants for farm work (infact, I do not own any pants, only silk dresses.... a bit worrying)

I also like to participate in Marie Antoinette themed nights with the beautiful creatures that I know, just for fun. Because we're young and like to dress up. And unlike me, all my friends are amazing at making the most amazing sugary pink food to delight the eyes as well as even the most extreme sweet tooth....



  1. I'm glad this Marie Antoinette night has been preserved in such lovely pictures! What a delicious idea!

    So you are going to carry Marie Antoinette's "Petite Trianon" idea a step further and actually WORK on a farm? Well, even though bib overalls are less elegant in themselves than silk dresses, you will make them look glamorous and probably start a new fad.


  2. Ohhh!!! How I wish my gal friends and me could have a Marie Antoinette Night! Looks like a blast and the sweets look yummy!

    Looks like your doing Lilac in the new painting! It's looking great! Also, purchase on of your prints today! I can't wait to get it!

  3. Thanks girls :-)

    Hi Ahsley, you're a gem :-) Yes, I'm using a lot of pale blue's and purple's to colour the Hydrangea's. I've not often used lilac colours in my pieces before, so I'm keen to see how this one turns out!

  4. This party looks so unbelievably adorable! I can just imagine the flouncy, sugary fun.


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