Saturday, March 12, 2011

Abandoning Ship - Important Announcement

After a very difficult deliberation, extensively weighing up my options, and seriously questioning my resolve and determination, I recently made a big decision that is going to drastically change my life for the next half a year or so.

This past week I resigned from my glamorous position managing high-end luxury boutique Victoria Buckley Jewellery. Since first coming across the delightful window display inhabited by tiny silk creatures and precious gems reminiscent of budding flowers, I was smitten with the pretty world Victoria has created in Sydney's Strand Arcade. It was by eery chance that we met, brought together by a shared love for a little porcelain doll.....

After a turbulent few years in my personal life (that I have very rarely mentioned here online) I felt a new direction and chance to break away was needed, to allow for a fresh perspective on my goals and aspirations.
Europe beckoned, and in a month's time I am deserting this lovely island called Australia for a while, deserting my little family for the uncertainty of the road, deserting the gorgeous denizens of The Strand Arcade in favour of gypsies, backpackers and vagabonds.
Excitement mingling with sheer terror, I'm trying to tie up all my loose ends and organize all those strange and unfamiliar things that will be so vital before I leave.

With this comes the announcement that my little Etsy Shop will be CLOSING it's doors for an indefinite period of time, maybe 6 months or more (depending on when I return).

So if you've ever thought about adopting one of my prints, originals, or art-objects, now is your absolute last chance for quite a while!! Not that I'm begging, but every cent will definitely count on my end. Absolutely anything purchased in my Etsy Shop between now and April 15th will be sent out with deepest gratitude... and presents, I'll include presents!!!

I will continue to update here on my art blog during my travels, as I plan to sketch and document my adventure extensively. If you don't know already, I also have an official FaceBook Page for my art, which you can follow. Search for: Monika Viktoria (artist)

Oh... and if you're in Europe at all over the next several months, and you would like to catch up, please let me know :-)

much love, --monika


  1. Wow, that is huge news! It must be so exciting to take such a big step into the unknown.

    Where in Europe will you be travelling? Will you be coming to Belgium by any chance? I'd love to meet up if you happen to be in the neighbourhood :)

  2. Hi Eiko!! Excitement mingles with absolute terror!

    I will mainly be based in Hungary since I speak the language and have a couple of places lined up to stay. I would love to do an "enchanted" tour and visit all the european forum-ites, haha :-)

  3. I'm so excited for you! An amazing time in my life was when I was studied abroad in Italy/visited Spain so I can only imagine this to be a time of discovery and growth. When do you leave?

  4. Can't wait to see post about your adventure!

  5. Aaaaah, now I get it (just back from La-la-land)! Of course the "Abandon ship" title should have captured my attention, but your beautiful drawings distracted me completely!

    Monika, this travel is going to be great and will change your life forever, I am sure. Perspective evolves so much when we live our well explored and confortable home to venture in the world. I know, because I did it myself. And I would most definitely do it again!

    Will you be updating your blog while you'll be away? If not, I hope you'll have a great time and that at your return you'll have lots of stories and tons of inspiration to pour into your precious art.

    Thank you for everything, be safe, and take good care of yourself!

  6. Sounds so exciting, I am sure that you`ll trip will be full of adventures and such a wonderful experience. :--) I dream about doing a bit similar kind of adventure by myself one day. ^^ I wish you luck and take care of yourself!

    Ps if you happen to visit Finladn (although it is a little apart), let me know! : )


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