Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sketchbook Musings

An artist’s sketchbook is a very personal thing. Whenever I’ve had the honour to catch a glimpse into one, I’ve always marveled at just how different they are, based upon the individual. Some sketchbooks are so neat, that each page could be removed and framed. Mine tend to be filled mainly with writing; I write down my ideas rather than sketch them out. I’ve always wished I kept neat sketchbooks, filled with charming studies and snippets of drawings, the sort of treasure you could exhibit alongside your finished work, but unfortunately mine are always messy and confusing –  the opposite of what my work eventually looks like. I wonder what they say about me? They’re obviously a lot more honest than a finished, fussed over painting.

Usually, I only start sketching an idea to figure out composition right before I'm ready to start work on the final piece. Here I share the preliminary sketch, and the progress of the final figures.


  1. Such interesting sketches, Monika!
    Sorry for commenting less, but I am in baby land these days and I can't distinguish the night from the day...;)

  2. Guess which one I decided on? Love the face of the middle one in the last pic. from moonpetal. x

  3. wonderful to see your sketches.... always fun for me.


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