Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Giant Doll

The third illustration out of four intended to be displayed at the Poznan Children’s Book Illustration Salon in Poland. In the Story the young King meets a little girl outside, who airily announces that if her father were the King, she would ask for a giant doll that reaches the ceiling. Later, the lonesome little King demands that just such a doll be specially constructed for her.
I write a bit about the story and illustration salon here.

As I will be leaving on Thursday as part of the Győr Delegation to the Salon in Poland, I don't think I will actually have time to complete an entire, detailed, fourth illustration. I am just too slow when I work. Hope they are satisfied with just three and a bundle of character sketches instead!

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  1. That's such an interesting story. Was the little girl happy with her giant doll?


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