Monday, July 16, 2012

Art Workshop

 I just took part in a week long art “event” with 4 other young female artists to communally work on a project and exhibition. Billed as a “workshop” to strengthen ties between Hungarian and Australian artists, we received the spacious “Napoleon House” (so named because Napoleon famously stayed there after a famous battle nearby) as our communal studio to spread out and create. We were faced with the challenge of using each others old art and discarded prints to create a new body of work to be exhibited, an interesting concept for many of us that forced us to try new techniques and methods of working.

Zsuzsa Farkas / Kinga Énzsöly / Mónika Viktória Diák / Laura Jade Hindes / Alexandra Georgina Németh

It was wonderful to see the cross-overs between our individual styles. The other Australian artist was a dear friend of mine from back home, so I was particularly thrilled to see Laura Jade again after a year being abroad. Getting to spend our “reunion” creating art was an added bonus.

Photographs of our work to come soon.

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