Friday, July 27, 2012


Residencies are a great opportunity to try new things and experiment with techniques or materials you might not have access to in your normal studio practice. I’ve been trialing working much larger than is possible on my small studio desk – I’m working on a couple of pieces over 100cm in height.
With my new ghosts, I feel it is important for me to steer my usually meticulously tight style towards a much less tangible, looser handling of paint. Using larger brushes keeps me from being able to get too delicate and detailed. I’m actually finding my mind a little turbulent this week - but my mood has actually benefited me – loose washes of fading colours lift out incomplete faces from the white paper – lingering memories and unsettling spirits.


And as a little peek into my working practice, my friend and fellow artist participating in the residency found my concept sketches pinned to the wall behind me hilarious, so different in style and mood from the final paintings.
Here are my toothy ghosts in the early concept stages.

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