Monday, August 13, 2012

Traveling Exhibition

During the two months that my watercolours were on display at the Eszterház Palace, I received a lot of positive feedback, trickling through to me via the grapevine. I was always particularly thrilled when an academic or art professor showed particular interest and appreciation. I was lucky enough to catch the attention of an Art Restorator, who I managed to stump with my particular layering technique. Through his recommendation my little show caught the attention of one of the directors at the Nádasdy Castle down in Sárvár – infamous for having been the home of Countess Elizabeth Báthory and her husband Count Ferenc Nádasdy.

My body of work “Elillanó Mesevilág” (A delicate Disillusionment) has traveled to be on exhibit at the Nádasdy Castle for the next three weeks. I was honoured to have my best friend all the way from Australia able to attend the opening reception with me.

I'm about to head off on a week-long caving tour of the beautiful World-Heritage listed Aggtelek caves - so no updates for a while! Take care darlings....

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