Sunday, August 12, 2012


Based in the heart of Europe I'm trying to remember to take advantage of the amazing museums (relatively) close by. After the residency, my good friend Laura and I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Vienna before the opening of my second Solo Exhibition.

We visited the Wien museum to be inspired by the incredible drawings and sketches from Klimt's career. Reminded of just how important drawing everyday is, we pulled out our sketchbooks and began filling them with studies, jotting down ideas and concepts. A good exhibition is like food for the mind, I find myself nourished and brimming with ideas for future projects.

Then we spent an entire day at the unbelievably incredible Natural History Museum. With both of us showing a strong interest in biology and nature, we were simply blown away, and stayed for over 9 hours sketching in this brilliant museums. Minerals and crystals, strange insects and microscopic plankton, fossilized trilobites and amphibians, to species sadly only recently extinct, the pages of our sketchbooks filled with thin hasty lines, eager to capture as much as we could in our time there.

The final day saw us head to "rest" at the Schönbrunn palace gardens, hanging out in the beautiful Palm Greenhouse. Both the Schönbrunn greenhouse and the Albertina Palm-House reminded me of some sort of fantastical Victorian building, taken over by plants and lost in the jungle, rediscovered far in the future.

Filled with new ideas, we headed back to Hungary for my exhibition in the Nádasdy Castle.
More on that later!

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