Monday, August 11, 2014

Cherry Hood Workshop (part one)

This last weekend I participated in an intensive portraiture workshop with Australian Archibald prize winner Cherry Hood. An amazing artist I have admired for a very long time, it was a true honour to watch her work and receive artistic guidance from her at her fantastic studio in NSW.

Over the two day period I created two portraits in her style, working with very watery drippy paints on a far larger scale than I have ever painted. For my subjects I chose my own photographs of two sisters - thus further challenging myself to not only paint a good picture, but achieve a likeness as well. 

It was a highly enjoyable experience, and I can't wait to paint in this scale using my own approach and subjects. Seeing her huge studio has made it imperative for me to find my own place in which I can throw some paint around.

For more photo's from the workshop, Cherry's studio and the paintings, visit FourFinger Photo


  1. It's wonderful that you got to have lessons under an artist that you admire. The portraits turned out beautiful. Had to be an amazing experience!

  2. Impressive work Monica! I love the way you captured emotion in watercolor.


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